10 Amazing Covers From The BBC’S Live Lounge

10 Amazing Covers From The BBC’S Live Lounge

Ever since I discovered the BBC Radio 1 ‘Live Lounge’ show last year I’ve been kind of obsessed. Since we don’t have Radio 1 here in Australia (well you can stream it but it’s a bit of a pain with the time difference) I’ve been keeping an eye on their YouTube channel where they frequently upload the top performances.

The show’s featured some great names over the years (Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend and Lana Del Rey just to name a few) and each artist usually does two songs: one of their own and a ‘mystery cover’. The cover songs are the performances that I always look forward to the most. The artists often make cool, unexpected choices which makes the renditions that much more exciting.

I’ve rounded up ten of my favorite performances below.


The Florence and the Machine – Take care (original by Drake)

I’d love to see Florence and the Machine live in concert one day but for now this will have to do. Florence also did a great cover of Beyonce’s Halo on the show a few years back!


Bastille – We can’t stop (original sung by Miley Cyrus)

I think this song sounds even better with a British accent, don’t you?


Duke Dumont – My love (original by Route 94)

I’ve had Duke Dumont’s latest song ‘I got u’ on repeat for the last month (he also did a live version of it in the same episode btw) but this cover might be my new favorite tune. Kellie Leigh has got the most amazing voice and she absolutely kills it live.


Thirty Seconds to Mars – Stay (original by Rihanna)

Yep, there’s a reason why he’s one of my male celebrity crushes.


Miley Cyrus – Summertime Sadness (original by Lana Del Rey)

With all the twerking and publicity stunts I almost forgot that Miley Cyrus could actually sing. I think even Lana del Rey would be happy with this cover!


Arctic Monkeys – Hold on, we’re going home (original by Drake)

An unlikely song choice that ends up blowing everyone away because you know – it’s the Arctic Monkeys.


Justin Timberlake – Shake your body (original by The Jackson 5)

Let’s face it – Justin was born to do MJ covers. He genuinely looks like he’s having the time of his life on stage and the choreography is just fantastic. Shake it Justin, shake it.

Rita Ora – What makes you beautiful (original by One Direction)

I’m not the biggest fan of One Direction (probably because I’m over 12 years old) but Rita Ora definitely made me want to sing along to this song. Now if only she could sing all of their songs…

The XX – Last Christmas (original by George Michael)

All right I’m just going to say it, I prefer this version to the original. I know, I know…That being said, I could just be blinded by my love for the XX. They could be belting out ads for canned soup on TV and I’d still think they’re amazing…


Kodaline – Same love (original by Macklemore)

A beautiful cover for a beautiful song.


Do you have any favorites? Let me know if I missed any of your top covers in the comments section! x


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