10 Great Books To Suit Your Every Mood

10 great books to suit your every mood

A while ago, I came across a great article in ‘Frankie’ magazine which recommended books according to what was going on in your life at the time (i.e. graduating, getting married etc).

It made me think about the process I go through when I pick out new books and I realized that, more often than not, I tend to choose books according to my mood or to how I want to feel. After all, who needs a shrink when you have good books, right? :)

So on the off chance that you might do the same, I thought I’d recommend you some books to suit your every mood (well, most of them anyway)!

Here are some great reads for when you’re:

In the mood for…an inspiring story

The Alchemist – by Paulo Coelho

the alchemist

This is one of my all-time favorite books to read when I’m feeling blue or a little lost. It follows the story of Santiago, a young Spanish shepherd who leaves everything he knows behind to follow his dreams and find a worldly treasure.

Or: The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch (see also his amazing video)

In the mood for…a good laugh

Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple


This hilarious novel revolves around the sudden disappearance of a housewife/mother/eccentric ex-artist named Bernadette Fox. The events leading up to her disappearance are told from the various points of views of the people in her life such as her husband, teenage daughter, jealous neighbor and Indian virtual assistant. Some of the humor is quite incisive and the characters are definitely flawed but it’s what ultimately makes them so relatable. A great read!

Or: Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding

In the mood for…something steamy

 Bared to You by Sylvia Day


If you enjoyed ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ but hoped for a stronger woman character (or dare I say, less annoying?) then this might be the book for you. The writing style is a little bit more mature too so it’s a nice step up from the Grey series. Obviously this is not safe for work, reading on the train or lending to your mother in law. It is however a great book to have on your night stand, with the option of a cold shower nearby.

Or: Playing for Keeps (Neighbor from Hell) (if you like a mix of humor, banter and spice).

In the mood for…some Fashion inspiration:

The Sartorialist – by Scott Schuman

the sartorialist

Photographer Scott Schuman has been traveling the globe, taking snaps of fashionable people on the street for years now. His website ‘The Sartorialist’ is one of the most influential style blogs in the world with more than 70 000 visitors each day. His book features some his favorite subjects (some famous, some not) and it’s a great source of inspiration for those days when you don’t know what to wear (or just feel like looking at stylish people).

Or: Christian Louboutin (for the shoe lover in you)

In the mood for…a touch of magic

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

the night circus

This is the story of two rival magicians who train a young man and woman to battle against each other within an enchanted circus. Romance, magic, a circus…this book has it all. Even the cover is beautiful!

Or: The Magicians by Lev Grossman (for those looking for a grown-up Harry Potter)

In the mood for… something tasty

Edible Stories by Mark Kurlansky

edible stories

This book was recommended to me by my friend Ashley who happens to be a food blogger and self proclaimed foodie. It’s made of 16 short (and sometimes intertwining) stories and explores the bound that people can share through food and wine. Just make sure you have a nice dinner planned before you start reading this book as it will definitely have you salivating!

Or: Bread and Butter by Michelle Wildgen.

In the mood for… a bit of couch traveling

On the Road by Jack Kerouac

on the road

Despite dating back from the 1950’s this is still the reference for anyone with a bit of wanderlust. Warning: you may find yourself planning a road trip after (re) reading it.

Or: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

In the mood for.. a good cry

The Fault in Our Starsby John Green

the fault in our stars

The Fault in our stars is about a couple of teenagers who meet in a cancer support group and subsequently fall in love. It is brilliantly written and much funnier that you’d except considering the premise. I’m not going to lie though – I cried as much as I laughed reading it (ok, I may have cried more).

Or: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

In the mood for… something a little philosophical

The Consolations of Philosophyby Alain de Botton

the consolations of philosophy

This book came recommended by my friend Lisa who works in a bookshop (I know – dream part time job!). The concept sounds very interesting as the author tries to solve your everyday problems (heartbreak, job loss) by quoting famous philosophers. Are you as curious as I am?

Or: What Then Must We Do? by Leo Tolstoy

In the mood for…romance

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

the rosie prject


I should warn you. This is not your typical romantic story. It is told through the eyes of a brilliant but socially challenged man who one day decides to find the ‘perfect wife’ by using a purely scientific/methodical approach. Of course, things don’t quite go according to plan and what follows is a story that will melt your heart.

Or: Pride And Prejudice by Jane Austen.

Of course this list reflects my personal taste/moods and is in no way exhaustive! I’d love to hear about your favorite books too so please share them in the comments section below. Also I’d love to know – what process do YOU go through when choosing a new book? Any tips for finding great reads?

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    • I definitely think you would enjoy The Night Circus Caroline – it’s magical! xx

      • It’s been on my list for a while too! Now that you’ve read Where’d You Go Bernadette, it looks like this is my sign to read Night Circus ;)

        For a reading rut, read Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen or The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennet to get inspired to pick up a book again!

        Also, I think you would love The Novel Cure: http://fashionablylight.com/bibliotherapy/

        • I just read your post and ‘The novel cure’ sounds amazing Xandra – it’s such a great idea! Their website is great too. Thanks for recommending it. xx

  • Two of these are already my favourite books- two are on my to buy list and you’ve motivated me to go out and get one of them today. Now the question/ do I want to laugh or cry!?!

    Great post! X

    • Thanks Rebecca! I’m really curious now – which ones are your two favorite books? :)

  • Hey Pearl.Thanks for the recommendations, excellent list!

    I started reading ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’ (Neil Gaiman) last night and I am almost finished… I love those obscure otherworldly books. He is so good at capturing the transience of childhood. I spent a lot of my childhood living on a property in the middle of nowhere and this book reminded me of that experience and what we do as children to exercise our imaginations and keep ourselves amused. I would invent countless magical worlds and assign Narnian functions to the inanimate or mundane. I kind of miss those days.

    Anyway, next up… the ‘Night Circus’.

    • Neil Gaiman is such an amazing writer, I love him! Have you read the Graveyard book? It’s about a human kid who grows up in a graveyard and who is raised by ghosts. It’s a great book too!

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