10 Cute And Creative Place Card Ideas

popup place card idea I know it sounds a little old school but I love to use place cards for all of my dinner parties – no matter how big or small they are. I think they’re a great way to get people mingling (otherwise people have a natural tendency to stick with their partner or people they already know) and obviously I also love the fact that they give me an excuse to add something pretty to my table.

Place cards don’t have to be boring either and I find that a creative place card can not only set the mood for a festive evening but also be a great talking point for your guests.

If you’re hosting a dinner party soon and are looking for cute and creative place card ideas, here are a 10 easy DIYs you could re-create at home:

Fruit kabob place cards


I’m a big fan of edible place cards and this one just screams ‘summer bbq’ to me. My spin on it would be to only use melon and to place the kebab over thin slices of serrano ham – then I’d have a delicious entree and place card rolled into one!

Via Creative live

Rosemary wreath place cards


This tutorial was originally created for Thanksgiving but I think these rosemary wreaths would also be perfect for Christmas. In fact, I think that’s what I’ll do for Christmas eve…it’s just too cute a diy to ignore.

Via spoon fork bacon

Pine cone place card holders

pine cones

Finally a way to use up all those pine cones you (or your kids) collected from the park during fall! The glitter does add a nice festive touch but you could also keep the pine natural for a more rustic look.

Via Simple little details

Faux Cacti Place cards


I know these place cards look like hard work but they actually sound pretty do-able even for a DIY novice like me. They might take a while to make…but then again they look so fantastic that I think it’d truly be a labor of love!

Via a fabulous fete

Stamped name place cards

hello my name is place card

This tutorial uses pre-made stamps but to be honest I think you could create a similar effect without having to buy them. That being said, buying the stamp would probably save you a lot of diy time :).

Via a beautiful mess.

Rock place cards


This is DIY is almost too easy – all you need is white charcoal pen and a few pebbles! These place cards would just look fabulous at a dinner party by the beach.

via a fabulous fete

Pop up place cards

popup place card

These place cards are so chic and pretty they look like they belong in a Kate Spade catalogue. If hot pink isn’t your color (why?!!!) then you could easily make them in any shade you like!

Via Camille Styles

Typographic Leaf letter place cards

leaf-letters-place cards

Although this is technically a very simple tutorial I think you could have a lot of fun with it by trying to recreate different types of fonts etc. You could also use thick paper instead of a leaf.

Via paper and stitch

Wine cork place card holders 

wine corks place cards

If you’re a wine lover like me chances are you have a few old wine corks lying around.  Otherwise you could easily order some online.

via Pop sugar.

Beach ball surprise place cards


This is my probably my favorite of the lot. Not only are these beach ball place cards a-do-ra-ble but they also hold little gifts inside!

Via Studio DIY


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