Go Team! 10 Recipes For A Winning Sports Night

10 recipes for sports night

Australians are very passionate about sports, especially Australian Football League which is probably the nation’s favorite ball game. In fact, it’s such a popular sport in Victoria that the day of the AFL final has just been declared a public holiday! Amazing, huh?

Now I should probably admit to the fact that I know very little about sports in general and even less about ‘Aussie rules’. That being said, I’m not one to let a holiday pass without celebrating it and since ‘sports night’ means pretzels, beers, and sliders I’m definitely into this new day-off-to-watch-the-footy-thing. Go the ‘Crocodiles’! (is this a team? I took a shot).

In preparation of the big event, I’ve rounded up some recipes which I think would be perfect for a sports night below. I’d also love to hear how you like to celebrate big games in your part of the world – do you have any favorite recipe you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments section!

1- Grilled fish tacos with lime cabbage slaw

fish tacos

See the recipe on Cooking Classy.

2- Michelada Cocktails And Spiced Lime Nuts

michelada and lime nuts

Get the recipe on Cupcakes And Cashmere.

3- Eggplant Pizzas

eggplant pizzas

See the recipe on Kalyn’s Kitchen.

4- Vegan sweet and spicy salsa white bean dip


See the recipe on Runway Chef.

5- Classic beef sausage rolls


See the recipe on Bake Play Smile.

6- Sports Cupcakes


See the recipe on Butter Hearts Sugar.

7- Honey Sriracha Chicken Drumsticks


See the recipe on Pretty Mayhem.

8- Homemade soft pretzels


See the recipe on Dancing Through Sunday.

9- Sliders with red onion marmalade and blue cheese

beef sliders

See the recipe on Tastebook.

10- Easy double fudge brownies


See the recipe on Crazy For Crust.


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