Work It: 10 Stylish Home Offices To Lust Over

Work It_ 10Stylish Home Offices To lust Over

Since moving house a couple of months ago, I’ve been using my kitchen table as an office desk. Our new apartment is great but one thing it’s definitely lacking is a little extra space for my blogging work. It’s actually been OK for the most part (Mark and I often just eat on our couch anyway and once the weather improves we’ll be able to eat outside) but I still can’t help but fantasize about the day we’ll buy our own house and I’ll finally be able to have a beautiful office to call my own.

Here are ten stylish offices that I would love to work in. What does your dream office look like? Do you have any favorite from the ten styles below?

xx Pearl

home polish

Via Hommemaker (Orlando Soria for Homepolish)

I’m in love with this gallery wall…Actually – scratch that. I’m in love with everything in this office. In fact I’m ready to move in now…


chandelier office

Via Studioten25

I don’t usually go for this kind of feminine space but the gorgeous chandelier really sells it. Plus this office has a mini champagne bar so it wins on this account alone.

graphic office

Via Inspiration and Design

This office definitely feels more masculine but the combination of various B&W  prints and textures is stunning.



Via Desire to inspire

I’m not sure if I could pull off such a bold office but I’d sure like to try. That wall color is to die for.


decadent office

Via Rue Magazine

I love the contrast between the industrial surroundings and the luxurious furnishings. Everything in this office is kind of over-the-top but somehow it all works perfectly together.


mid century office

Via Dpages

Mid century office heaven…


gree nhouse office

Via Seventy nine ideas

A greenhouse/office? Yes please!

cool chairs office

Via Oracle Fox

I’m kind of obsessed with these chairs. I mean seriously, how cool are they?


coloful office

Via Marie Claire Maison

Storage has never looked so good…


blackboard bg office

Via Inspired by this

I’ve always wanted to have a chalk board backdrop in my kitchen but seeing this makes me think it would be even better in an office. Perfect for procrastinating doodling.

Want even more office inspiration? Check out my Pinterest ‘stylish office’ board here.


  • Oh gosh! They all look so amazing! I’m currently living in a one bedroom granny flat and don’t have a designated office/desk, which I miss. I’m moving to Melbourne and one of the specifics is an extra room to set up for an office. These pics are great inspiration!

    • How exciting that you’re moving to Melbourne, it’s a such a great city I’m sure you’ll love it. Also, we’ll have to arrange a little Blogcademy party so that we can meet! All the best for your move xx

  • Oh o love the black and white office… and the coloured storage boxes… and the greenhouse office…. and the chairs you love…. and the chalkboard backdrop. Gorgeous ideas thanks for sharing. PS, lovely to have found you.x

    • Hi sarah, thank you so much for stopping by. I just had a look at your blog and it’s gorgeous! xx

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