My Travel Beauty Essentials

10 Travel Beauty Essentia _Pretty Mayhem As you read this I’m frantically happily packing for my trip to New Zealand tomorrow.  After years of carrying a huge suitcase around with me on holiday, I finally decided to downsize my bag last year which means that I’m having to be really ruthless with my packing choices today.

One item that I’ve been particularly working at streamlining lately is my travel beauty bag. I used to be hopeless when it came to packing my make up ( I pretty much packed everything I owned) but recently I’ve come to embrace a much more minimalist approach. Of course this doesn’t mean I now only pack my lipstick and call it a day (these dark circles don’t hide themselves you know) but with the help of a few multi-tasking products I’ve been able to narrow down my list of beauty essentials quite substantially.

Here are 10 beauty/makeup products that I always carry with me whilst I travel:

Tinted Moisturizer

I love wearing tinted moisturizer instead of foundation of holiday because it gives me with a very nice light coverage whilst still hydrating my skin.  This MAC version provides some sun protection which is a welcome bonus but if I know that I’ll be spending a lot of time in the sun I’ll also pack a stronger sunscreen with me.

 Eye shadow palette

My Urban Decay Naked eye shadow palette is probably my favorite product in my makeup bag so I never travel without it. I use half of the colors for simple daytime looks and the other half to create smokey eyes for the evening. I’ve also used it countless times on my friends to convince them that they need to buy one too ;) Urban decay palettes are a bit on the pricey side though so if you’re looking for something a little more affordable, Sleek also has a great range of eye shadow palettes available.

 Micelle solution (makeup remover)

I discovered Bioderma’s Micelle solution last year and it’s been a great upgrade from my usual make up remover. It’s super gentle on the skin and it removes makeup very well. It also leaves your skin feeling soft and clean which is lovely.

  Eye liner

I tend to lose or forget my pencil sharpener all the time so this eye liner by Smashbox with a built-in sharpener is perfect for me. It also has a great creamy consistency which makes it very easy to apply.

 Makeup brushes

My honey gave me this travel set for Christmas last year because he knew how much I loved their creator Samantha Chapman (check out her makeup blog/channel here). They’re great value for money and the travel pouch they come in is especially handy.

 Lips and cheeks stain

This is a great product because you can use it on both your lips and cheeks (I’ve even used it as an eye shadow but don’t tell anyone as I don’t think you’re really supposed to). It’s also nice and sheer which is great for that natural holiday look.

 Eyelash curler

This might seem like a bit of an indulgent choice but the truth is that this baby makes a hell of difference to my eyelashes. Between dead straight lashes and nicely separated curled up lashed, I’ve made my choice thank you.


Holiday time usually means a few late nights so I always pack a good concealer with me to hide the evidence of my party ways. I also use it to hide any blemish or to add a little bit more coverage if needed.


I’m not a huge fan of sun tanning for hours (I get bored way too easily) so I tend to fake that ‘sun kissed look’ with a touch of bronzer and highlighter instead. I also use bronzer for contouring.


Finally, no makeup look (however minimal) would be complete without a coat of mascara. This one by Clinique is waterproof which is perfect if you’re heading to a hot climate. I also like to wear it on the plane as I know it will stay put for a long time.

What are your travel beauty essentials? Do you have any favorite brands/products?

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  • Hi Fairlie! A couple of other people mentioned packing a lip balm too so I think it would have to be my 11th essential on the list ;) Thank you so much for dropping by xx

  • I have a Benefit brow kit that I always travel with. As well as using on my brows, it covers all of my eyeliner + eye shadow needs and I can use it for contouring.

    I am a big BB cream fan but find creams change consistency when I travel – not sure if it’s the heat on the plane or what. I think next time I go overseas, I’ll just buy a BB cream or foundation there.

    • Hi Kathryn! I have heard great things about Benefit and their brow kits, I definitely need to visit their counter soon. Nothing beats a good multi-tasking product!

    • Thanks Bele. I’m still working towards traveling with nothing more than a hand-luggage, I know it would make traveling much easier but I still love having many clothes options a little too much I think. I’ll get there one day… :)

  • Great tips thanks! I’m headed back to NZ for a visit myself in a couple of weeks, I’ll see if I can be a little more minimalist with my beauty stash this time :)

  • What a great list, I have love collecting perfume and make up samples to take on trip. I got a great sample size mascara, Peter Morrissey Body Balm, Gatineau make-up remover and always pack Body Shop blotting tissues and brush set. My best sample was Tom Ford Noir for hubby!

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