Easy Glamour: 10 Ways To Dress Up A Striped Tee

10 ways to dress up a striped tee

It’s no secret that I love a good striped t-shirt. Blame it on my French roots or whatever but it’s probably my favorite piece of clothing and one that I wear a little too much often. What I like the most about a striped tee is that it not only looks effortlessly chic but it’s also incredibly versatile. It looks great simply paired with shorts or jeans for a casual everyday look  but it can also become much more glamorous when matched with the right pieces.

Here are ten ways to dress up your favorite striped t-shirt:

1. With a pleated skirt

striped tee cupcakes and cashmere

Image via Cupcakes and Cashmere

2. With sequins

atlantic paific

Image via Atlantic-Pacific

3. With a leather jacket

girlmeetsglam striped tee and leather

Image via Gal meets glam

4. With Distressed Denim

brooklyn blonde stripes

Image via Brooklyn Blonde

5. With a ballet style skirt

margot and me stripped tee shirt

Image via Margo and Me

6. With Printed pants

chasing cait striped tee

Image via Chasing Cait

7. Layered under a dress

damselle in dior striped tee under dress

Image via Damsel in Dior

8. With pretty florals

kendi everyday striped tee

Image via Kendi Everyday

9. With a trench coat

wendy'slookbook striped tee

Image via Wendy’s lookbook

10. With more stripes!


Image via Sydne Style

Do you love striped tees as much as I do? Which look do you prefer?

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  • I am addicted to stripes!! Probably cause I am french too!! Love the look with ballet skirt, so cool!!!

  • Love this! A striped tee with an a-line skirt is pretty much my favourite outfit, so I’m loving the ballet skirt and the stripes on stripes. I also think a striped tee can work wonders to dress up an otherwise overly casual outfit – I love pairing a long sleeve striped tee with slouchy pants and sneakers for comfy-cool :)

    • I agree Sarah, in fact I could totally see you rock that look! (a future WIW post perhaps? :)

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