Pretty Travels Vol.3: 10 Ways To Save Space In Your Suitcase


Welcome to the third edition of ‘Pretty Travels’- where stylish travelers from around the globe come to share their wonderful stories and travel expertise. This month we tackling the all-too-important topic of ‘packing’!

To kick off the festivities I thought I’d share my 10 favorite ways to save space in my suitcase with you today. I’d like to say I adopted all these packing techniques as to have things neatly organized in my luggage but really I just wanted to make space for more shopping. ;)

Roll up your clothes

A friend recently asked me if rolling up your clothes instead of folding them really saves you that much space and the answer is a resounding: yes! If you want to take it to the next level you could also use packing cubes to sort your rolled up clothes. Space saving AND organized. #winning

♥ Leave your ‘real’ books behind

I know book lovers are gasping all over the world right now but if there’s one time when ebook readers win over hard copies it’s definitely when you’re traveling. Just imagine having to carry ‘Shantaram’ with you all over the world…

Tablets are another great way to have movies/books/internet/computer all rolled into one small item.

♥ Only bring travel-sized toiletry items

Whoever came up with these travel sized bottle kits deserves a medal really. I know they’re kind of ugly (don’t we buy most beauty products for the pretty packaging anyway?) but they will save you a lot of space and weight in your suitcase. Also, unless you’re heading to the heart of the jungle, you will be able to buy toiletry items at your destination if need be (or to top up your bottles with hotel toiletry supplies).

♥ Invest in multitasking make-up products

Rather than carry 5 kg worth of make-up with you each time you travel, invest in a few multitasking products (i.e. cheek and lip stain or blush/bronzer/highlighter) and in an all-in-one palette. Christmas is a great time to buy an all-in-one palette as most brands tend to bring them out at that time of the year.

♥ Don’t pack more than two (okay three) pairs of shoes

This is usually when I lose most people’s attention (including my best friend’s – who shot me the darkest look when i told her that bringing 5 pairs of shoes on our weekend getaway was perhaps a little excessive). However, I’m sticking to my guns here – shoes are bulky and heavy so instead of bringing your whole shoerobe on your trip, how about just taking along your black heels, cute flats and walking shoes?

♥ Put your socks in your shoes

If you’re going to take too many shoes then you might use them as extra storage and stuff them with things. Socks are an obvious choice but other things such as underwear (unless the shoes are smelly obviously), rolled up belts, toiletry items etc. would work well too.

♥ Plan your outfits in advance

This is probably the best way to save space in your suitcase. Before you go, check the weather forecast for your holiday destination and plan your daily outfits accordingly. Pack versatile pieces that you can easily mix and match so that you don’t don’t need a whole new outfit for each day.

If you’re feeling nervous about under packing then pack an extra couple of options to give you peace of mind (i.e. a glam outfit for if you end up going out to a fancy place and a very easy/comfy outfit for when you can’t be bothered dressing up.)

♥ Wear your bulky items on the plane

Wear your sweaters, jeans and boots on the plane to save both space and weight in your bag. Also it can get very cold on planes so it’s a good idea to have your warm options on hand.

♥ Edit edit edit

Just before you start packing place all your items on your bed and give them one last look over. Do you really need to take every.single.item or is there anything that could stay behind?

♥ Buy an expendable suitcase

I know, I know – that’s cheating! But hey, it’s always good to have a back up.

I hope you found these tips useful. Ideally, you should now be left with a light, well organized and perfectly packed bag. And who knows, maybe you don’t even need a full sized bag now, maybe you could just take a carry on instead….Hmm ok, baby steps I guess ;)

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