12 Awesome Balloon Decorating Ideas

12 awesome balloon decorating ideas

One of the biggest complaints I hear from friends who are trying to plan a party is that they have no idea how to decorate their house for the occasion. They usually don’t really know where to start and are also worried that buying decorations will blow up their party budgets. Although there’s no denying that decorating your house for an event can be daunting, it can also be a lot of  fun and done for much cheaper than you’d expect. So with that in mind, I thought I’d do a mini series dedicated to the art of decorating your house on a budget.

I’m starting with balloons today, mainly because it’s my birthday soon and I’ve got balloon DIY’s on my mind but also because they’re cheap, easy to find and can be transformed into the most awesome decorations ever.

Here are twelve awesome balloon decorating ideas for your next party:

1. Fill them with confetti

confetti balloons

Not only will they look extra cute but you could also pop them and create a great pinata effect at the end of the night. A gold glitter and black confetti combo would also be perfect for a NYE party – just make sure you have a good vacuum cleaner on stand-by as glitter really does get everywhere! ;)

Get the tutorial on ‘Kojo Designs’.

2. Create a hot air balloon centerpiece

floral hot air balloon

I’m obsessed with hot air balloons but sadly I’m also very scared of heights so I’ll just have to contend myself with making this cute floral DIY I think.

Get the tutorial on ‘1-800Flowers’.

3.Turn them into ice cream cone balloons

ice cream cones

Did someone say ice-cream party?

Get the tutorial on The Chic Party.

4. Create a balloon chandelier


This would be a great way to hang pictures at a birthday, engagement party or a bridal shower. You could also use them as escort cards at a wedding by writing down the guest’s name and his/her table number at the back of the photo.

Get the tutorial on ‘Wedding Chicks’.

5. Create a fruit garland


This is probably my favorite idea. Just looking at this fruit garland makes me smile and I think it’d look adorable at an outdoor party or a BBQ, don’t you?

6. Make glowing balloons


To make your balloon glow in the dark, simply add a small LEd light or a glow stick into the balloon before blowing it up. Neon balloons would be fun for a 90’s party or 80’s party but you could also use glowing balloons to create a well lit path to your house. If you have a swimming pool then you could have the balloons floating in the water.

Get the tutorial on Brit+Co.

7. Create a balloon arch

balloon arch

This DIY obviously requires a bit more work but for such gorgeous results I think it’d totally be worth the effort. You could also vary the balloon colors and flowers according to your party theme.

Get the tutorial on The house that Lars built.

8. Make a Balloon wreath

balloon wreath

This balloon wreath actually doubles up as a fun dart game so it’s perfect if you have kids (or adults who are kids at heart). I think it would also be a pretty cute alternative to a traditional Christmas wreath.

Get the tutorial on ‘The 36th Avenue‘.

9. Create a Photobooth backdrop

balloon photo backdrop

Photobooths are always very popular with party guests and they’re a great way to keep them entertained. This easy balloon backdrop is fun and festive but most importantly, it’s very easy to do.

Found via Pop Sugar.

10. Create a bar backdrop

balloon barbackdrop

Similar to the above diy but perhaps even simpler as you don’t need to fill the balloons with helium. All you need to do here is blow up different sized balloons, stick them to the wall (with removable tape of course) and voila, you’ve got yourself a gorgeous backdrop for your bar or food buffet!

Found via Honey And Fizz.

11. Write pop-up messages on them!


This is such a fun and easy tutorial. You could literally write whatever you want on your balloons from ‘Happy Birthday’, to ‘Congratulations’ or my personal fave ‘Cheers’!

Get the tutorial on Studio DIY.

12. Decorate a birthday cake

baloon cake toppers

Dear friends and family – feel free to use this as an example for my birthday cake ;)

Found via Martha Stewart Living.

NB: As used balloons can be harmful to wildlife, it’s important to dispose of them in a responsible manner. Don’t release balloons and follow these tips to get rid of your used balloons.


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