12 Festive Cocktails For The Holidays

Holiday Cocktails (1)

A holiday party wouldn’t be quite the same without a pretty cocktail (alcoholic or not) to hold onto so if you’re looking for a cool concoction to serve your guests this season I’ve rounded 12 festive options below!

Enjoy xx

Spiked Holiday Eggnog


Would you believe me if I told you I’ve never tried a spiked eggnog before? I know, it’s shocking.

Via Honestly Yum

Raspberry Cream Mimosa


This is such a pretty cocktail, I think I might just have to make it this Christmas!

Via Cooks With Cocktails

Peppermint White Christmas


Can’t get enough of candy cane? Well now you can put it in your drink it too :)

Via Freutcake

Rosemary-Infused Holiday Cocktail

rosemary infused cocktail

I’m a big fan of herb-infused cocktails so this holiday concoction has got my name written all over it.

Via The Flair Exchange

Spiced Manhattan


A classic Manhattan with a charming holiday twist.

Via A Spicy Perspective

Cranberry Spritzer (Mocktail)


Because non alcohol drinkers deserve pretty drinks too :)

Via The Rebel Chick

Pineapple Coconut Champagne Cocktail

pineapple champagne cocktail

Via Pineapple And Coconut

Most holiday cocktails tend to include winter fruits so it’s nice to see a more tropical version. Especially perfect for Down Under where the holidays take place in the summertime.

Cherry Vodka Sparkler


A simple but oh-so-tasty cocktail.

Via Inspired By Charm

Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail

cotton candy cocktail

Cotton candy and champagne? Yes please!

Via Lauren Conrad

Gingerbread Martini


If you love gingerbread then this is the cocktail for you!

Via I’m bored, let’s go

Christmas Sangria


Big batch cocktails such as this one are a great option when you have a lot of people coming over. Not to mention everyone loves sangria!

Via Kitchen Nostalgia

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