12 Festive Ways To Decorate With Streamers

12 Ways To Decorate With Streamers

This post is part of a mini series dedicated to easy party decorations. Last time I shared some of my favorite DIY balloon ideas and this time it’s all about streamers!

Here are 12 festive ways to decorate your next party using streamers:

1. Create a colorful backdrop

streamers backdrop

I used this tutorial to create the backdrop to my ice cream bar a while back so I can confirm that it’s very easy (and super cheap) to do. Of course you could vary the colors to match any party theme.

Via Lovely Indeed.

2. Wrap them around candle votives

martha sewart

This is a great way to upgrade simple candle votives and I love the ombre effect created on these particular ones.

Via Martha Stewart.

3. Create a curtain

streamers curtain

Want to divide a large room? Or simply frame a doorway or a window? Just use streamers!

Via Project wedding.

4. Make a tablecloth

streamer tablecloth

This is such a cute idea that I think I’m going to have to use it on a project soon. Again you can change the colors to suit any theme or even mimic flag colors (i.e. blue, red and white).

Via The City Sage.

5. Tie them on the back of chairs

streamers on chairs

Seriously, how pretty do these chairs look?

Via Green wedding shoes.

6. Turn them into tassel garlands


I love decorating my food/drinks tables with tassel garlands but sometimes it can be hard to find ones that match my color scheme, are the right size and don’t cost the earth. This is the perfect DIY solution!

Via Handcrafted Parties

7. Make accordion streamers.

accordion streamers

What’s even better than streamers? Accordion streamers of course!

Via Chatelaine.

8. Create a canopy

easy streamers canopy

While slightly more time consuming, this canopy is actually pretty easy to achieve. The secret? A hula hoop! You could also place balloons at the center of the canopy for an extra wow factor.

Via The Busy Budgeting Mama.

9. Turn them into chandeliers

streamers chandelier

This is very similar to the idea above except that instead of weaving the streamers through the room, you just let them hang off your hula hoop or wire ring.

Via Style Me Pretty.

10. Make a table skirt

ribbon table skirt

Use ribbons or paper streamers to create a gorgeous table skirt.

Via Kori Clark.

11. Make crepe paper confetti


Create a quick batch of homemade confetti by simply punching holes into crepe paper streamers. You could also cut them into different sizes.

Via Rachel Swartley

12. Create a paper rosette


This tutorial does require a bit of time as well as a glue gun and styrofoam ball. However, it’s such a pretty project I couldn’t help including it. I think these would be especially perfect to decorate a Mother’s Day brunch or a baby shower.

Via The Idea Room.



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