13 Scarily Good Halloween Make Up Tutorials

Halloween is just around the corner! It’s the perfect excuse to throw a party,  eat a pile of sweets, and of course – dress up! I have to admit that I usually tend to focus on my costume rather than my makeup for Halloween but after seeing so many great Halloween makeup tutorials online lately, I think this needs to change! Not only do these Halloween makeup looks like fun to create but it’s also a great way to take a simple outfit to the next level.

In case you’re looking for spooky makeup ideas, I’ve rounded up 13 Halloween makeup tutorials below. They range from cute, creepy…to downright scary.

Happy Halloween!

Claudia Sulewski – Easy deer inspired makeup

This is really sweet and I like that it’s a quick and easy look to achieve. Pair it with a brown dress and you’ll be ready to party!

Shaanxo – Medusa

I’m obsessed Greek Mythology so this tutorial is right up my alley. The white contacts look amazing though I’m sure the look would still work without them.

Jaclyn Hill – Cruella De Vil

If you’d rather be glam’ than scary on Halloween than this might be the perfect look for you. I think this makeup would also work well for any sort of Cabaret-inspired costumes.

Madeyewlook Twice – Halloween Doll

Ok so this is more on the creepy side but seriously – how cool do these fake stitches look? This makeup channel contains a ton of other Halloween makeup tutorials so make sure to check it out if you need even more inspiration!

Pixiwoo- Poison Ivy

This is another great option for anyone wanting to look a little sultry on Halloween. The tutorial also includes easy hair instructions.

Christen Dominique – Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad)

Though the movie was a bit of a let down but there’s not doubt that Suicide Quad’s Harley Quinn is everyone’s new favorite baddie!

Dope2111 – Inside Out

This is soooo cute – which character would you pick?

Michelle Phan – Sailor Moon

This makeup look would also work very well for a witch’s costume. But then again, a sailor moon costume would kick butt!

SMLxo – Glam Pirate

Pirate costumes are a classic for a reason and I love this sexy take on the old matey by Stephanie Ledda. I also love her ‘wicked witch of the west’ rendition so I’d recommend you check it out if you get the chance. :)

Chrisspy – Hocus Pocus makeup

Bring Halloween’s favorite witches’ posse to life with these 3 awesome tutorials! This might actually be my new favorite group costume idea :)

J Bunzie – Bride of Chucky (Tiffany)

This movie FREAKED THE CRAP OUT OF ME as a kid so I’m not sure if I could watch it again. Though maybe now he’d look cute rather than scary? Hmmm. Regardless, this Tiffany look is fabulousy creepy!

Laura Lee – Bad plastic surgery

If you’re thinking about getting plastic surgery in the future then this might not be the video for you. YIKES.

Lauren Curtis – Glam Zombie

I think the still shot from this video says it all….

If anyone is looking for me, I’ll be hiding under my bed covers.