14 Ideas For A Killer Game Of Thrones Party

The new season of Game of Thrones is here, which of course calls for a celebration! While I must admit I’m not as obsessed with GOT as Mr Mayhem is (I usually spend most of the night hiding behind my pillow whilst my favorite characters all get killed one by one, in the most atrocious ways ever) I do really love the estethetics of the show. I also think it makes for an awesome party theme and obviously I’m not alone given the long list of GOT party ideas I found online whilst researching this post!

Whether you’re planning a big GOT inspired-feast or are just looking for simple ways to amp up your next viewing night, here are 14 ideas to celebrate the Game of Thrones’ world in style.

Happy viewing!

Black Bread

‘Feast of starlights’ is a blog that features many amazing recipes inspired by books, tv shows, and movies. If you’re looking for even more ideas at the end of this post then this is the place for you!

Via Feast Of Starlight.

Red Woman Cocktail

The color of this cocktail is very apt for a GOT themed night and I have a feeling this concoction tastes as good as it looks too. For a non-alcoholic beverage option, check out this recipe for iced milk and honey.

Via All Mommy Wants

Red Velvet Dragonscale Cake

Whether you’re a GOT fan or not – you need this cake in your life. I mean, just look at it…

Via Live For Cake

GOT Banner

I’m not really crafty but I think even I could manage to put this banner together thanks to this website’s handy (and free) downloadables.

Via Holasara

Sensa’s Lemon Cakes

If anyone deserves cake, it’s definitely Sensa! The poor thing has seen a share of bad days over the seasons and I’m really hoping things improve for her this year. However, knowing the show, she’s more likely to end up impalled or something…*sigh*

Via The Love Nerds.

Faux Pigeon Pie

No swords or live pigeons necessary.

Via a table for two.

GOT Ice Cream

Also aptly nicknamed White Walker Ice cream.

Via Let’s eat cake

Iron Chair Centerpiece

This is another DIY that looks really impressive but is actually pretty easy to put together – with a little bit of patience and a LOT of toothpicks.

Via It’s all geek to me

Braided Buns Of Winterfell

Making bread is always a bit time-consuming but I think these gorgeous braided buns would be well worth the effort.

Via Gemma Chew

Fiery Dragons Deviled Eggs

It’s amazing what some people can do with a little food dye – these ‘fiery dragons’ deviled eggs are guaranteed to be a hit at your party!

Via Make Me Something Sweet

GOT Party Parfaits

How epic do these parfaits look? Yum, get in my belly now!

Via Homemade Hoopla

GOT Roasted Ribs With Garlic And Herbs

If you’re planning a GOT dinner party then you can’t get past this recipe for delicious ribs recipe.

Via Feasts of Starlight

Direwolf Claws

This recipe is super easy to do (thanks to the use of frozen puff pastry) and comes with two delicious filling options: chocolate or cinamon. I’ll have both please!

Via Baking Mischief

Weirwood Tree Cherry Pie

I’m obsessed with cherries so – creepy tree or not – this dish has my name written all over it!

Via A Dutchie Baking