Think Outside The Heart-Shaped Box: 14 Unconventional Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

non cheesy ways to spend valentine's day

Valentine’s Day often gets a bad rep’ and in many ways it’s easy to understand why. Between the explosion of pink cards and tacky teddy bears in supermarket aisles and the insane  flower prices, you’d be forgiven for writing the whole thing off as a cheap marketing ploy.

Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be all about roses and chocolate though. At the core it’s just a great excuse occasion to spend some time with your loved ones and have a good time together. Also, there is plenty of fun stuff you can do that doesn’t require spending hundreds of dollars or writing cheesy love notes. You don’t even need a date!

Here are fourteen alternative ways for couples or singles to celebrate Valentine’s day this year:

1. Attend a concert

One of the best dates Mark and I ever went on when we started going out was when we saw a band we both loved together. Music has a sneaky way of bringing people closer so if you have a favorite band then why not share the love with your boyfriend or friends? You don’t have to go see a romantic concert either (unless you’re into Michael Bubble or whatever – I won’t judge. (well, maybe a little )).

My friend and her boyfriend saw Eminem together last year and I couldn’t think of a better non-traditional way to celebrate V-day!

2. Go to a Burlesque show

Ok so this one is a bit more ‘risque’ but if you can’t be naughty on Valentine’s day then when can you really? Besides, most Burlesque shows are reasonably tame these days and they always make for fun and entertaining nights out.

Another thing you could do is take a burlesque lesson and surprise your partner with a little show at home…now that’s a Valentine’s day he won’t forget!

3. Re-create one of your favorite memories together

We all have happy memories from times that we spent with our friends or partner. Maybe you went ice skating one Christmas eve or perhaps you and your friends had the holiday of your life in Mexico many years ago…whatever it was, Valentine’s day is the perfect day to re-create these happy times! If the memory is tied down to a holiday then you could throw a dinner party with the destination as the theme for example (Mexican fiesta anyone?). If it was an activity then you could just do it again!

Some couples also like to play the ‘first date’ game in which you re-create the first date you ever had together and pretend you’ve just met.

4. Try something new

You could also go the other way and create new memories by trying something new together. It could be a fun activity (a swing dance class, wine/food tasting, wall climbing…whatever you want really!)  or it could be something more sexy and adventurous.

Another cool thing to do would be to attend a ‘supper club’. That way you get to meet other people and feel very hipster at the same time.

5. Let HIM choose an activity

One of the reasons most men hate Valentine’s day is that they often feel it’s one-sided and all about us girls (which let’s be honest, is kind of true). The problem though is that guys will often say they don’t care when you ask them for V-day ideas. The trick is to really make it clear that you’re up for anything as long as it’s something they  really want to do and that would make them  happy. And then obviously you have to mean it and be ready to go along with any of their ideas may it be clay shooting, playing pool, go-kart racing or whatever!

Who knows, you might be surprised and end up having a really great time too!

6. Go to a drive-in or an outdoor cinema

This is another fun thing that you could do with your friends or your partner. Drive-ins are fun and unique and they’re also a great way to live out all those ‘Grease’ sing-along fantasies whilst stuffing your face with fries. What’s not to love really?

If you’d prefer to stay at home then may I suggest a horror movie marathon, complete with home-made popcorn? ‘Valentine’ seems like a good place to start…

7. Take a hike

If you’re the outdoorsy type then I suppose nothing could beat spending the day together trekking through some remote mountains or walking through a forest. I say ‘suppose’ since I have no idea what that would entail being the fitness-challenged girl than I am. My  favorite way to spend Valentine’s day would be to…

8. Spend the day in bed

Taking the day off and spending the day in bed is pretty much my idea of the perfect day. All I’d add is a few ‘Parks and Recreation’ or ‘The Mindy Project’ episodes, some bubbles and maybe some gourmet take-away pizza. Bliss…

9. Have breakfast for dinner

If you can’t take the day off work then how about heading to bed early and having a breakfast dinner? You could make your favorite breakfast meal (did someone say pancakes?) and spend the entire evening in bed together.

A breakfast-for-dinner could also make for the perfect ‘GALentine’s day’ party for you and your girlfriends. Just make it a Champagne breakfast if you’d prefer : )

10. Volunteer together

Not only do you get to spend time with your favorite person in the world but you also get to share the love with people (or animals) who really need it too. That sure beats roses and chocolates!

Many charities organize special events/fund raisers based around V-Day and they also sell great gifts and cards online.

11. Throw a party

If you really hate Valentine’s day then you can at least rejoice in the fact that many other people feel the same. So why not just cut your losses and invite your friends over for an I hate Valentine’s Day party? I’m pretty sure every man will secretly thank you for giving them such an easy way out.

12. Double up

Another great way to take off the pressure of V day is to go out with another couple. Double dates are always fun and it often cuts down on the restaurant bill too. Win!

13. Watch the sunrise together

Pack a morning snack and some hot coffee and head for your favorite spot to watch the sunrise together. If you’re not a morning person than a sunset picnic could do the job just fine. The point is – it’s prettttty. But not tacky because #nature.

14. Set a new tradition

We all know that coming up with new ideas for Valentine’s day can be a drag (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this list, would you?) so a good way around this problem is to simply settle on a new tradition. It could be as simple as going to a particular restaurant every year (or visit a special place) or it could be something more intimate like having sex in a new place or renting a hotel room.

If you’re single, then you could treat yourself to a spa day once a year or do something that really makes you happy! After all, there’s no better time to love and treat yourself!

Wishing you a great Valentine’s Day!


I’d love to hear about your ideas too so please make sure you share them in the comments section below! What’s your favorite way to spend Valentine’s Day?


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