Spring Lovin’: 20 Things To Do To Celebrate The New Season In Style

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Spring has officially sprung! I don’t know about you but the thought of putting my winter coat away, seeing all the trees on my street blossom and having the sun shining has got me ridiculously excited! So long Winter, see you NEVER!

Spring is my favorite time of the year so if there’s one season I’m determined to make the most of, it’s definitely this one. If you’re also feeling in a ‘spring fling’ mood (yes, we’re also celebrating cheesy one liners today) here is a list of activities to get your fever on (ha)!

♥ Buy yourself a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers (you totally deserve it).

♥ Try a new fun sport/work out (anyone else keen for trapeze or aerial lessons?)

♥ Pack away all of your winter clothes and replace them with your spring/summer outfits.

♥ Plant a mini herb garden on your balcony or window sill. (fresh mint = great mojitos)

♥ Visit the perfume section of your local department store and spritz yourself with a new spring scent.

♥ Try a new recipe using in-season vegetables. Did someone say Spring risotto?

♥ Start a gratitude journal.

Feng shui your favorite room in your house.

♥ Visit a theme park and indulge in Churros, Corn dogs and Candy floss (alright, maybe not all of them at once…)

♥ Visit a park with cherry blossoms (Instagram pics optional)

♥ Host an outdoor movie night. I’m currently planning an 80’s movie night themed around ‘The Breakfast Club’ and I’m pretty excited about it! (photos to come)

♥ Get your legs ‘summer ready’ with a sugar scrub and a spray tan.

♥ Rock out your favorite floral printed dress.

♥ Wear a bright lippy everyday for a week.

♥ Join or start a book club. Most popular blogs seem to have an online book club these days, just pick your favorite one!

♥ Send your out-of-town friend a pretty postcard – just to say you’re thinking of them!

♥ Plan your summer vacation.

♥ Host a brunch for your girlfriends and sip on mimosas.

♥ Visit a botanical garden.

♥ Create a Pinterest board dedicated to your spring projects!

What are some of your favorite things to do during Spring? I’d love to hear about your fun plans for the coming months!

ps. Autumn Lovin’: 20 things to do whilst the leaves are falling.


  • Yay for spring! What a great list of things to do. I can’t wait to see photos of your movie night. My boyfriend and I were just talking about how I haven’t seen The Breakfast Club. If only I could join you!

    • Thanks Erica, I saw some gorgeous cherry blossoms when I was out today so that’s one thing off my list! You should definitely watch The Breakfast Club, it’s a great movie! Otherwise you could always visit Melbourne and attend the party ;) x

  • Some excellent suggestions here Pearl. Spring is a great time of year for getting a new lease on life, making fresh starts and just generally feeling optimistic. I’ve started my early morning walks again (after too many months slacking off) and it’s great to smell the blossom as I stride / stagger along.

    • Thank you Anne. I think this is why I love Spring the most, everyone seems to be in a good mood and it’s a time full of promise and new beginnings. I also need to get back into a walking routine, I get so lazy during Winter but there’s no excuse to stay inside now that the sun is out ;)

  • ohhh reading everything on your list just made my mood brighten about by about 1000 watts. i am a big fan of flowers in Spring and packing up dinner into a picnic box and getting the family on our bikes and outdoors after school xx

    • Yes Spring is definitely the best time for picnics, especially in Australia where it gets a little too hot (to put it mildly) in the summer. You’ve actually reminded me I haven’t gone out for a picnic in a very long time, I need to remedy this asap! :) x

  • And here in the US we are headed into fall. But it’s great seeing those of you south of the equator getting excited for Spring. That feeling is so rejuvenating!

    • Hi Diana! Yes I always get very excited about Spring but I have to admit that by the time we hit Summer and have 40 degrees days I start to get excited for Fall too. :)

  • Love your list! I live in Melbourne so I won’t pack away my winter Woolies just yet (never know what tomorrow might bring)

    • Thanks Kate! I live in Melbourne too but it’s been so nice lately that I think I’m forgetting how changeable the weather can be here ;)

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