Winter Lovin’: 20 Things To Do When It’s Cold Outside

hot chocolate

Can you believe we’re already a month into Winter in Australia? Is it just me or does it feel like it was just yesterday we were enjoying warm Autumn days and baking apple pies?

Oh well,  just because the days are shorter and the temperatures chillier it doesn’t mean that we have to stay at home and do nothing for the next few months (as tempting as it sounds). Following on my previous seasons’ posts, I’ve made a little list of things to try this Winter and I actually can’t wait to start ticking things off (full disclosure- I may start with the spiked hot chocolate).

I’d also love to hear how YOU make the best out of the chilly months. Any tips or ideas on to make this the best Winter yet?

xx Pearl

♥ Host a ‘Christmas in July’ party at home. Or equally awesome – throw an ‘Ugly Sweater’ party.

♥ Make a traditional, English-style ‘Sunday roast’ with all the trimmings (Yorkshire puddings, stuffing, homemade gravy etc.)

♥ Take a ski trip with friends or plan a summer escape.

♥ Stock up on candy and popcorn and revisit all of your childhood favorite movies (I’m looking at you ‘The Goonies’ and ‘Back to the future’!).

♥ Go to a comedy show – sit far from the front as to not get picked on.

♥ Drink a hot chocolate by the fire – with marshmallow hearts (or maybe a splash of Bayleys…whatever)

♥ Make a winter care pack for the homeless or donate food/clothes/money to a local charity.

♥ Have a long skype session with your best friend.

♥ Jazz up your everyday look with one of these cute hairstyles.

♥ Re-arrange all of your furniture.

♥ Have an indoor picnic. (ps. This would go very well with the nostalgic movie screening!)

♥ Eat large bowls of Vietnamese Pho soup.

♥ Drive out to the nearest hot springs and lounge in the hot water for the day.

♥ Make a big pot of Mulled wine.

♥ If you’re lucky to have snow where you live then you could: build a snowman, make a snow angel, catch snowflakes with your tongue or just sit by the window and look at the pretty snow falling.

♥ Go to the museum or to an art exhibition.

♥ Have a DIY spa day at home.

♥ Sort through all your photos on your computer. Print and frame your favorite ones or arrange them in a cute photo album.

♥ Read a pile of romantic (or steamy) books under a warm pile of blankets.

♥ Go ice skating (it might be cliché but it’s always fun!)

image source: comeonilene

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  • Great post! Really feels like winter here today – it’s going to be minus 2 degrees tonight brrrr! I love a hot chocolate by the fire in winter – with a great movie.

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