Autumn Lovin’: 20 Things To Do Whilst The Leaves Are Falling

couple kissing in autumn

I always feel like I don’t make the most out of the Autumn season – I usually spend half of it pretending it’s still Summer (ah the power of denial) and the other half freaking out about the arrival of Winter. However, this year I’m committed to making the best out of each season and since I had such a great time ticking things off my Summer activities’ list in the last few months I thought I’d create an Autumn to-do-list as well!

Here are 20 things I’d love to do this Autumn:

♥ Visit an orchard and bring home a basket full of apples
♥ Try apple pie with melted cheddar for the first time
♥ Go for a walk in the park and take in all of the gorgeous autumn colors.
♥ Drink mulled cider
♥ Do a photoshoot in the beautiful autumn light
♥ Burn essential oils and make the whole house smell like fresh pine
♥ Make a big pot of pumpkin soup
♥ Spend a rainy day in bed watching back-to-back episodes of my favorite TV show
♥ Go to an Autumn festival and eat candy apples
♥ Throw a wine tasting party
♥ Read a mystery/thriller book
♥ Watch a movie at a drive-in theater
♥ Buy a new, pretty umbrella to embrace the rain
♥ Sprinkle cinnamon on all of my desserts
♥ Put away my summer clothes and bring out my favorite jumpers and coats
♥ Make a new playlist for impromptu dance sessions in the living room
♥ Learn a new card game
♥ Pretend to understand what Australian football is all about
♥ Organize a Girls’ Night In and watch ‘Mean Girls’ with my besties
♥ Watch a play
♥ Send personalized, hand-written thank you notes.

What’s on your Autumn bucket list?


  • I am loving this blog Pearl, looking forward to partaking in the Autumn to do list… Especially the mulled cider.

    Do you know of any quality ‘pick your own’ Orchards near Melbourne? Would love to do that one and perhaps continue the provincial theme by baking the pickings in a delicious Tartetin!

    • Thanks for stopping by Jo, I’m so glad you like the blog! The orchard I was thinking of visiting is called Paynes Orchards. in Bacchus Marsh. I think it’s about 40 minutes away from Melbourne city? Mmm tarte tatin sounds amazing xx

  • Love your bucket list!!! And will carefully keep it for next September, as it is springtime here in Europe, just the other way around! We are puting away boots, coats and jumper, and enjoying any sunshine excuse to get lazy on a terrace!

    • Cendrine: I can’t wait till my holiday in Europe in May – I love spring! We can get lazy on the terrace together :)

  • There are so many lovely ideas in here! I’m definitely going to be trying some of them out. Might do the essential oil right now!

  • I love going go the park in Autumn and crunching through the leaves in my boots… Aaaah such a good feeling!

  • Love this list Pearl! I actually am loving the change in season and cooler weather + these are all perfect things to be doing this time of year. Thank you for the inspiration! So happy to have discovered your blog too – I love it! xx

    • Thank you Rachel! I’m (slowly) getting used to the cooler weather in Melbourne. At least it’s a good excuse to drink mulled cider :)

  • “I usually spend half of it pretending it’s still Summer (ah the power of denial) and the other half freaking out about the arrival of Winter.” – yep, with you on that one!

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