Summer Lovin’: 30 Things To Do Whilst The Sun Is Shining

summer lovin

Summer is officially here in Australia! Although the weather is not what I would call ‘tropical’ yet I’m still super psyched about the coming months. This will be my first summer in Melbourne and I’ve even made a list of fun summery activities to make sure I make the most of it! Bring on the sun hats and pina coladas…

♥ Put on your favorite sunnies, bikini and floppy hat and sunbathe all weekend
♥ Have a Mani/Pedi and paint your toenails in bright summery colors
♥ Play tennis and drink Pimms
♥ Go to an awesome outdoor music festival
♥ Eat fish and chips out of paper cones and lick the tomato sauce off your fingers
♥ Go on a Wine tasting trail – drink some Rose!
♥ Take a mini road trip to your favorite place
♥ Go for a horse riding trek on the beach
♥ Play tourist in your own city: visit museums, popular landmarks, local bars…take lots of photos!
♥ Rent a scooter and pretend to be Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday
♥ Chase the ice cream truck, order a mega sized sundae and top it up with all of your favorite things…
♥ Enjoy a few cocktails at a Rooftop bar
♥ Go for a Picnic
♥ Stay up all night and watch the sunrise with your special someone
♥ Swim in a lake – nakedness optional
♥ Buy gorgeous seasonal produce from your local Farmers markets
♥ Make an ‘all time favorites’ playlist
♥ Host a High tea and get all your friends to frock up
♥ Blast your favorite tunes and dance in your underwear in your living room
♥ Clear out your winter closet and make room for your favorite summer outfits
♥ Go for a romantic night walk on a full moon night
♥ Organize a beach party and share embarrassing stories around a bonfire
♥ Watch movies at an outdoor cinema – or create your own in your backyard!
♥ Make a daisy chain
♥ Read a trashy novel
♥ Throw a BBQ – I have one word for you: BBQ beer can chicken (OK, four words really)
♥ Visit a strawberry farm
♥ Throw an al fresco dinner party and make everyone play ‘Cards against Humanity’
♥ Drink a frozen Coke
♥ Go Glamping

What are some of your favorite things to do in Summer?


  • I love that I have already done four of those things – but many more to go! One of my favourite things to do in summer is grab some friends, get in the car and go to a beach you never been to before! Enjoy the day with swims (or dips for me) in-between playing games, sunbathing, joking around and of course a little drinking would be involved.

  • Drinking frozen coke is hands down the best thing to do in summer. Makes me remember my dearly beloved winter! My other favourite summer things include having showers, sitting in front of the air conditioner and not using heated hair items.

    Boy, I am not a summer person – but I will try these things and see how summer turns out :)

    • How interesting, it’s so rare to hear from someone who doesn’t like Summer! I guess it makes sense though as I’ve heard temperatures can get super high in Melbourne, so much so that it almost becomes unbearable sometimes. Maybe I’ll start to love Winter soon too x

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