35 Hens/Bachelorette Party Theme Ideas

30 bachelorette party theme ideas

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of themed parties and while you certainly don’t need a theme to throw a great Bachelorette bash (or ‘Hens party’ as we call them here), I definitely think there are a lot of advantages to choosing one.

A good theme will give your guests an idea of what to expect on the day and give them clues on what to wear etc. It might even give them with the opportunity to dress up and do a bit of shopping beforehand which is always fun and helps build expectations before the big day. But most importantly, it makes your job as a party organizer much much easier. A theme will not only guide your drinks & food choices but also the entertainment, room decorations, and anything else you want really. Thus saving you time, money and also some potential arguments with the rest of the bridal party. Win.

If your friend is tying the knot soon and you’re looking for fun ideas to send her off to married life in style, here are 30 Bridal Shower/Bachelorette party theme ideas that are sure to be a hit.

♥ Backyard/ Bohemian

This bohemian backyard party would be perfect for a laid back bride who would rather hang around with her besties at home rather than have a wild night out. A cute activity idea would be for the guests to make their own floral crowns.

backyard bohemian brunch

Via Inspired by This

♥ Nautical

Celebrate the bride’s ‘last sail before the veil’ with a nautical themed party. It might not be the most original theme but it’s a classic for a reason and the best thing is that you can make it as classy or nauti (see what I did there ;) as you want.


Via Knot’s Villa

♥ Astrology/ Written in the stars party

If the bride-to-be loves to talk about star signs and owns her very own set of tarot cards then an astrology or ‘written in the stars’ theme might just be the ticket. You could even hire a professional tarot reader to provide mini readings for the guests for a bit of divination fun.

♥ Breakfast At Tiffany’s

This is a very elegant-yet-easy to achieve theme as most people already own a little black dress in their wardrobe.  All they will need to complete their classic Audrey Hepburn is a fake pearl necklace and some sunglasses. Or you could offer them (they’re usually available at most bargain/party stores) as party favors!

♥ Kate Spade

Designer Kate Spade is famous for her use of black, gold and pink in her designs and this color combo also makes for the perfect hens party palette.

kate spade party

Via My Trueblu

♥ Disney Princesses

Have you always wanted to dress up like your favorite Disney character? This is your chance to relive your childhood dream and become Belle, Ariel or Snow White for a night. A vintage Minnie mouse party could also be adorable.

♥ Lingerie

Cocktails and  free lingerie? What more could a bride want?!

♥ Parisian

Does the bride-to-be love Paris? Bring Paris to her with a chic Parisian style party! For over-the-top inspiration make sure to check out the movie Bridesmaids. Just ignore the maid of honor melt down part ;)

parisian bridal shower

Via Catch my party

♥ Luau/tropical

This is such a fun theme and it works especially well if the Bachelorette party is taking place during the summer. Pineapple and palm themed decorations are of course mandatory.

aloha bridal shower

Via 100 Layer Cake

♥ Rockabilly

Add a touch of rock n roll to your hens party, complete with vintage clothing and pin up makeup. You could even hire a makeup artist to teach the guests how to do achieve the perfect rockabilly look!

♥ Boots and Bling

Perfect for the country girl at heart. Mechanical bull rides optional.

♥ Tea party

Tea parties are inherently classy so this could be the perfect theme for someone who wants something girly and tasteful for her hens. If this sounds a little too ‘boring’ to you then you could always add another twist to it such as a Downtown Abbey tea party, a Jane Austen tea party, or even a boozy tea party. ;)


Via Hostess with the mostess

♥ Wine tasting/ wine tour

If the bride to be enjoys wine then how about treating her to a wine tasting tour or even a wine tasting party at home? This theme can also be modified according to the hens favorite drink such as whisky, gin, etc.

wine tasting bachelorette party

Via Style Me Pretty

♥ Alice in wonderland

Another classic theme that never fails to please. You also have the choice between a vintage Alice, the Disney version or even the darker Tim Burton interpretation. A queen of hearts party where everyone wears red could also be really fun.

♥ Coachella/Festival theme

Take the bridal party on the road to attend a festival or create your own Coachella like atmosphere in your own backyard.

coachella party

♥ She’s a gem!

I really love this theme. Partly because I’m called ‘Pearl’ so the idea of a gem themed party obviously appeals to me, but also because I think it’s a really fun and stylish idea.

♥ Flamingo

Flamingo themed parties are still going strong so this would be the perfect theme for someone who likes to be on trend and who enjoys a bit of pink!


Via The House that Lars Built

♥ Picnic

Grab a picnic blanket and gather the bride and her guests around some gourmet cheeses and food and drinks. The picnic can be anywhere you like, from your backyard to the beach or in a local park.

picnic bridal shower idea

Via Gal Meets Glam

♥ Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are always fun and they also make for a great bonding exercise. You could also make the hunt a bit more risque if the bride is up for it!

♥ Sleepover

Who said only kids can have sleepovers? This adorable party below shows that there’s no age to have a good night in with your friends.

slumber party

Via 100 Layer Cake

♥ Great Gatsby

For a bit of glamour, you can never go wrong with a Great Gatsby theme.

♥ Murder mystery

There are many companies/venues that hosts murder mystery parties but you also make up your own if you prefer. In addition to the classic ‘who dunnit game?’ you could also add another twist to the evening such as a specific era or location.

♥ A Pastel Pool party

Are you lucky enough to have access to a pool? No? Oh well, paddling pool party it is then ;)


Via The Glitter Guide

♥ Travel

Again this theme can be as broad or specific as you’d like. It could be an ‘around the world’ type event or it could focus on areas that the bride has visited or is about to visit.

♥ Mean girls

Because Mean Girls parties are so fetch.

burn_book_mean_girls_bachelorette_party Via Helene in Between

♥ Spa party

Treat the bride-to-be and her guests to a day/night of ultimate pampering. You could either book a group session at a beauty salon for the occasion or host a spa party at home.

spa option 1

Via Pretty Mayhem

♥ Retro housewife

Think Betty Draper in Mad Men, complete with perfect hair,makeup and gorgeous 60’s dresses.

♥ Beach side party

If the bride to be is a beach lover then a seaside soiree sounds like a great idea.  You could either rent a little holiday home by the beach or simply host the party on the bride’s favorite beach.


Via Green Wedding Shoes

♥ Cocktail making party

I actually got to do this as part of my own Hens party and it was tons of fun! We all picked up a few tips and tricks along the way too which was great. Another fun idea would be to book a cooking class.

♥ Fiesta

Pinatas and margaritas. Enough said.

pinata bachelorette

Via A Beautiful Mess

♥ Burlesque

Learn how to shimmy and strike that perfect seductive pose a la Dita Von Teese. Another fun idea would be to take a belly dance class.

♥ Modern Circus

I love this modern take on the classic circus theme. The color scheme is just gorgeous!


Via Green Wedding Shoes

♥ Vintage Rustic

This is another one for the elegant, delicate bride. Think lace, neutral colors and natural elements.

♥ Naughty

Want to let your hair (and style) down for a while? How about throwing a good ol’ trashy bachelorette party, complete with penis paraphernalia, sexy dares and silly games. After all, you only get to celebrate being a hen once! Well, in theory anyway ;)

♥ Co-ed Bachelor/ette party

Who says the bachelor and bachelorette parties should be separated? The more the merrier, I say!

co ed shower

Via A Beautiful Mess

What was the best hens party you ever went to? Did it have a theme?

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