5 Celebrity Crushes: Male Edition


After I published my post listing my would-be celebrity BFFs last week a couple of my friends asked me about my celebrity male crushes.  We ended up having quite a heated debate about our favorites (who knew one could be so defensive about an imaginary boyfriend?) so for a bit of fun I thought I’d share my list with you today.

I’d also love to hear about your crushes so make sure to let me know about them in the comments section! And it’s totally fine if you don’t agree with my choices either (although you’re obviously have no taste. Ha.).

Ryan Gosling

I think this is one we can all agree on. The man is not only gorgeous but he’s also a great actor and an all-round nice guy who fights against animal abuse and supports a plethora of human rights organizations. I think he’d be the kind of guy who likes to cuddle, takes you for long walks on the beach and who’s not afraid to introduce you to his mother.

The only problem is that even celebrities are crushing on him (men and female) so the chances of a mere mortal getting a hold of these beautiful abs are slim to none. Boo.

Leonardo Di Caprio

I really hesitated with this one, not because Leo isn’t gorgeous (hello!) but because he seems to only go out with super models which is kind of a downer (and makes him even more (if that’s possible) unattainable).

Then again, my inner 15 year old is telling me that there’s no way the man who played ‘Romeo’ and ‘Jack’ could be left off this list so who am I to disagree really?

Channing Tatum

Any man who can dance is awesome in my books and boy, can Channing dance! He can act too but who cares really? The point is he would take you out to dance clubs, teach you all those sexy moves and make you feel like you’re the queen of the dance floor. He seems like a funny guy too so I’m sure there’ d be a few jokes here and there (in between all the dancing and staring at his gorgeous body).

Jared Leto

I’m not going to lie – this is a very recent crush for me. Yes, he’s just won an Oscar but to be honest it’s not so much his acting that gives me chills as much as his singing skills. I’d love nothing more than to listen to him serenade me all day…Also, I’d really like to know the secret to his gorgeous hair so I’d be killing two birds with one stone here.

♥ Bradley Cooper

He’s hot and he can speak fluent French. Sold. In fact, when I wrote this piece my own husband said to me: ‘You know what Honey, if you ever left me for Bradley Cooper, I would totally understand’. I wouldn’t – just to be clear – although I wonder if he would now, ha.

Other men I’m married to in a parallel universe: James McAvoy, Jimmy Fallon, Christian Bale, Chris Hemsworth (because my friend Terri told me I had to add him to this list)…


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