6 easy hairstyles to reinvent your everyday look

option 2 hair do During my time in France I tagged along with my friend to her hairdresser appointment thinking I might be able to get a trim and somehow walked out of the salon with ten inches off my hair and a brand new fringe. I’m not sure how it happened exactly (are ‘impulse haircut purchases’ a thing?) but I must say I’ve been loving the change.

It’s also inspired me to make more of an effort with my hairstyle. Whereas I simply used to blow dry (or iron) my hair straight and call it a day, it’s as if this new mid-length haircut suddenly opened me up to a whole new world of hair possibilities. I’ve been scouring Pinterest in the search of pretty hair do’s for the last few days and so I thought I’d share some tutorials with you before my enthusiasm wanes and I realize that my previous lack of fancy hairstyles was in fact due to my laziness and not my hair length.

1. Tuck and Cover

tuck and cover

There are many versions of this hairstyle online but I really liked the simplicity of this tutorial. It also comes with a video which is always a welcome bonus when it comes to hair tutorials! (Via Missy Sue)

2. A fluffy Fishtail Braid

fish braid

I really like this take on the classic fishtail braid. It’s a bit more grown up than the traditional look but it still looks very cute and relaxed. (via Twist me Pretty)

3. The perfect (sock) bun

sock bun

If like me you bought one of those donut-shaped hair pieces but never knew how to use them then this is the tutorial for you! (via Beautilish)

4. A Twisted Bun

twisted bun via once wed

If you can’t be bothered using a sock or a donut hair piece then this is a great alternative. Besides, you can never go wrong with a messy bun. (via Oncewed)

5. Braid into Bun

braid into bun

Once you’ve conquered both the braid and bun look you might want to try this stunning updo which combines both techniques!  (via Lulu’s)

6. Waterfall braid

waterfall braid

I’m in LOVE with this hairstyle. I know it looks more elaborate and complicated than the previous looks but I just can’t resist those gorgeous romantic curls. It looks like it’s straight out of Game of Thrones or something and I don’t know about you but that’s a great thing in my books. (via Style me Pretty Living)


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