A Mystical Galentine’s Day Party (Year Of Parties Challenge #2)

I’m throwing a themed party every month this year and this month I’m sharing the details of my Galentine’s Day party. You can read more about my ‘year of parties’ challenge here.

I’ve always been fascinated by New Age stuff and in the last few years I’ve been learning more about various mediums such as astrology, cartomancy, and crystals. I know some people get a bit freaked about those sorts of things – or simply don’t believe in it – but for me it’s less about the divinatory aspect of it all and more about having a bit of fun whilst developing my intuition skills.

Since my girlfriends often ask me astrology and tarot-related questions, I thought I’d give my ‘Galentine’s Day’ party a mystical theme this year – complete with mini tarot readings, astrogical birth charts, and pretty crystals. And brunch of course – because let’s face it; a girly party without eggs and mimosas just ain’t the same ;) After setting the date, I realised that the party was taking place the day of a powerful full moon eclipse – how appropriate was that?!

Here are the details from the party:

The Decor

To make sure I could give everyone enough time and attention, I kept the party to four people only. I went for a slightly ‘boho’ tablescape and adorned the table with crystals, fresh flowers and gold stars.

For my place settings, I decided to draw up constellations to represent each of the guest’s star sign. I’m not going to lie, this turned out to be slightly harder than expected and I had to redraw the constellation of Saggitarius more times than I’d care to admit…I’m still very happy with the way they turned out but perhaps I’ll just print out something next time rather than test my limited drawing skills :)

Each guest received a little gift box with a suprise inside: a crystal which I had picked especially for them. For example, my friend who is about to get married got a rose quartz as it is the stone mostly associated with ‘love’. Next to the gift box was a little candle to light and make a wish with at eclipse time.

The Food

Each of us took care of a part of the brunch menu. I made baked eggs with chorizo and tomato whilst the others made coconut & chocolate pancakes, granola parfaits and mimosas. We also had threw in some pastries because clearly that wasn’t enough food haha.

The Activities

After we ate, I brought out my collection of tarot cards and let the girls choose which one they wanted to use.

I then did this full moon tarot reading for all of them which turned out to be both fun and enlightning. We also wrote down the things we’d like to achieve this month and set our intentions by burning our little wish candles.

All and all it was a very magical brunch! :)

Are you having a Galentine’s Day party this year? I’d love to hear about it!

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