A Pinxtos Party

I’m excited to share the details of my birthday party with you today!

This year, I wanted to keep things simple for my birthday and to just invite my closest friends over for drinks and nibbles. I’ve been loving Spanish food lately so I thought it would be fun to give the evening a ‘Spanish pinxtos’ theme.

If you’re wondering what the difference between Spanish tapas and pinxtos is, don’t worry – I did too. From what I can gather, the two main differences are that pinxtos are from the Basque area (in northern Spain), and that they are usually ‘spiked’ with a skewer.

Besides preventing the food from sliding around, skewers also help Spanish bartenders calculate people’s bills more easily. They just add up the number of skewers left on people’s plate at the end of the night to see how much they owe! Clever, huh?

Setting the scene

While I didn’t use any decorations for the party, I did pay attention to the lighting and music. I wanted my guests to feel as if they had stepped into a little Spanish bar so I opted for soft lighting (which was terrible for photos but nevermind) and put on a Spanish music mix I found online.

I also used Spanish-style terracotta bowls and bright plates to serve my pinxtos in.

These little details didn’t take much effort but I feel like they still helped setting the right mood for the evening.

The Food

One of the main reasons why I chose to serve pinxtos at my party is because they’re easy to put together and really versatile. Though some pinxtos recipes are more elaborate than others, most consist of just a slice of bread topped with simple ingredients such as chorizo, cured ham, eggs, olives, etc.

Here is what I served my guests :


To keep with our theme, I served Spanish wines alongside the food. Each guest got a glass of Cava (sparkling wine) on arrival and then had the choice between white Rioja and Sangria.

I also had limonata and sparkling water for those who didn’t want to drink alcohol.

So there you have it – my low-key but super fun pinxtos birthday party! It’s definitely a theme I’ll be using in the future as it was a hit with all my guests! Not bad considering it took me less than than two hours to set up ;)

Next, I’ll be blogging about a Rose wine tasting I put together in the South of France. Stay tuned! xx