Party Inspiration: A Spooky Soiree

A Halloween Cocktail Party

I’ve never really understood why Halloween isn’t that big of a deal on this side of the world. I get that it’s more of an American holiday but surely any event that combines candy, costumes and possibly cocktails should be adopted at once, don’t you think? :) I’d love to experience Halloween in the US one day as I think it’d be a lot of fun but since that trip might be a long way off I think I’ll have to content myself with planning a spooky bash at home in the meantime. I’m thinking a few deathly drinks, some spooky appetizers and a whole lot of cheesy decorations should fuel my Halloween enthusiasm for a while…

Here’s what I’d love to include in my Halloween party:

1. DIY spooky stirrer (via Paper & stitch)

2. Spider eggs (via Crafty’s cuppa coffee)

3. Ghoulish cocktail bar (via Better homes and gardens)

4. Batty centerpiece (via Woman’s Day)

5. Elastic white tie for the cat (Don’t have a cat. Minor detail)

6. Pumpkin veggie platter (via Just a pinch)

7. Witch cupcakes (via Your home-based mum)

8.  Mummy Pretzels (via Candiquik)

9. Wine labels (via Ellinee)

Are you celebrating Halloween this year? What are your plans?


  • Halloween is a BIG deal in our Melbourne neighbourhood. Lots of houses decorated (including ours)…and all the kids dress up and trick or treat around the streets. Last year I had over 100 kids come to our door – luckily I had stocked up on the treats.

    • Oh, that’s so great! I obviously live in the wrong part of town lol. Last year I had treats ready and no one knocked on our door (despite the halloween decor outside the house) and the year before that in NZ I only had a couple of kids knock on our door too. Maybe I should give it another try this year or just go and hang out in your neighborhood. ;)

  • I love the dip in the pumpkin! We do similar things but just have bread so it’s great to see a Halloween alternative!

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