The Melbourne Zoo (Or Why I Heart Butterflies)


I’m a total sucker for animals so I was pretty excited when Mark suggested that we head to the zoo last weekend. I thought it was about time I saw my first Kangaroo and Koala!

When we arrived at 10am the Melbourne zoo was already packed with happy families and kids (note to self: avoid family-friendly places on Saturdays in the future, unless equipped with a family… actually no, still avoid said places no matter what). It was a beautiful day though so we couldn’t really blame other people for wanting a piece of that sunshine! We decided to not take a map and to just cruise around the park instead.

We had a great time and, although ‘Melbourne Zoo’ is not the biggest and fanciest zoo I’ve ever been to, it was still totally worth the visit. The Koalas were so cute and so were the monkeys (see adorable pic below) but my favorite part was probably the ‘Butterfly House’.  It was FULL of butterflies flying everywhere and I felt as if I had landed in Fairyland or in a Disney movie somehow. I really wished I could have photographed them all for you but they were just too fast for me! I guess some things are just meant to live in your memory.

It was the perfect day and we will definitely be back…but probably on a Monday next time.

When was the last time you visited a zoo? What are you favorite animals?


seal swimming
butterfly collage
giraffe kangourou


  • I love visiting the zoo – in fact there’s one every night at feeding time in our house!

    • Haha, your kids are so cute and well behaved Georgina. No wonder you had four! Miss your family xx

  • Oh my god the monkeys!! They’re my fave for sure, oh and pandas! One of my happiest memories is seeing the giant pandas from China when they visited the Auckland Zoo when I was 5 :)

    • I love pandas too! I saw some at the San Diego zoo years ago and they were SO cute. The monkeys were more mischievous and funny though, all the kids were so excited to see them!

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