Pretty Outings: A Visit To The Melbourne Cat Cafe

white cat

I’ve been really missing having a pet lately (our cat sadly passed away a couple of years ago) so when my friend Emma suggested we check out the ‘Cat Cafe’ I got very excited at the thought of hanging out with cats and hopefully getting myself some kitty cuddles in the process. I’d actually been wanting to visit the cat cafe ever since it opened last year but it was such a novelty thing that it was nearly impossible to get a booking for the first few months. Thankfully, you only need to book two days ahead of time now which suits my last-minute organization skills much better.

So today I braved the crazy Melbourne heat and ran headed to what I had already dubbed ‘cat lovers’ heaven’ in my head.

cat cafe ootd cat cafe sign cat cafe lobby

After signing a piece a paper to confirm that we had read and understood the rules (‘don’t pull on the cats tails’ – got it!) and washing our hands, Emma and I were led to the upstairs rooms where the cats hang out. Or more exactly ‘sleep‘. Because in my state of cat euphoria I had completely forgotten one little detail about cats – they don’t jump around excitedly and seek out pats all day long – they mostly sleep  all day long. Which is great if you’re at home having a cuddle with your pet but not quite as fun when you’re in a room full of strangers with nothing else to do but stare at 11 sleeping cats.

So…I have to admit that things felt a little awkward when we first got upstairs and for a moment I did wonder what we were going to do for the next 55 minutes of our booking slot.

cat room cat close up cat with pink nose cat sleeping on the stairs

Thankfully a few of the cats woke up shortly after and started playing around which provided everyone with some much needed distraction. The cats weren’t as keen on cuddles as I was hoping (gosh I sound like a crazy cat lady – I swear I’m not) but it was still nice to see them interact and to occasionally pat them.

cute cat cat waking up other cat

cat looking birds
This cute cat was much more interested in staring at the birds than playing with us boring humans

Also, to be fair, the cats still looked pretty adorable while sleeping, especially the three kittens which I’m pretty sure every lady in the room wanted to take home. Taking photos of them stretching, yawning and generally being adorable was definitely the highlight of my day.

kitten cat purring patting cat

I was also really happy to see that all the cats looked very content and comfortable in their new home. All were adopted from rescue shelters so it’s nice to see they’re finally getting the happy life they deserve. Even their houses are pretty fabulous.

cat house
Prime cat real estate
cat suitcase bed
For the jet-setting cat

You can also tell the staff looks after the cats very well and are very passionate about them. If you have any questions about any of the cats they’re more than happy to answer them – in great length (*cough* crazy cat people *cough*).

Overall, I’m still really glad I went to the Cat Cafe but it wasn’t quite the purrfect experience I was hoping for (yeah I know- I couldn’t help it). Perhaps a good coffee and a nice snack (the cafe sadly only serves food from vending machines) and maybe a little music (I’m not talking ‘heavy metal’ but anything to fill the silence would have been nice) would have made the experience a tad more exciting.

It did confirm one thing for me though – I’m definitely ready to adopt a cat soon :)

Have you ever been to a Cat Cafe? What did you think?


  • I’m itching to visit a cat cafe! Sydney is opening one up sometime this year, which is a lot closer for me. I’m glad to hear the cats are happy in their environment. I’m glad you enjoyed the cats, they all look so cute. :)

    Lennae xxx

  • Vending machines? Really? What a strange thing. Surely that’s just a petting zoo.
    I have a friend that runs a rescue group so when you are ready I can put you in touch if you like. She always has so many kittys available.

    • I think it might have something to do with the strict Australian food safety rules but I’m not sure. You could have drinks upstairs but they all came in cans and paper coffee cups so it didn’t really add anything to the atmosphere. I still had a good time though :)

    • I think going to a cat cafe overseas would be even more exciting because they also serve food and drinks. I’d love to visit a cat cafe in Japan for example – those look like so much fun!

  • that’s strange about the food, I had heard that the ‘cafe’ part was in a different room due to health dept requirements but I thought it must be a real lovely cafe with baked goods and such. Hmm.

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