A Year Of Parties

So…I’ve decided to set myself a fun little challenge this year and to throw a themed party every month. Eeeek!

Now before you call me crazy, let me specify that I don’t intend for each of the parties to be a big bash (neither my bank account or neighbours would be able to deal with that I don’t think ;) ). The idea is to simply spend more quality time with friends this year – whilst indulging in some good food, drinks, and music. And, potentially, whilst being dressed up in silly costumes. Or not. We’ll see.

I spent last week brainstorming themes with my honey (also known as ‘resident dj’ and ‘head bartender’) and below are the themes that were chosen for each month. Those might change depending on our moods/ the weather but we’re pretty excited about them either way.

Of course, I’ll be sharing all of the party pics on the blog so you can see how we approached each theme. Hopefully this will inspire you to throw a few parties as well. Heck, you can even join me in this crazy party challenge if you’d like! The more, the merrier, I say ;) #prettymayhemparties


‘Tropical’ party


‘Galantine’s Day’ Brunch


‘Pinxtos” Birthday Party


‘Yes, way Rose!’ wine tasting party


‘1001 Nights’ dinner party


‘High Tea’ party


‘Christmas in July’ party


Games Night


‘Autumnal’ sunday lunch


‘Halloween’ movie night


‘Picnic’ party


‘Holiday’ bubbly party

First up this week – our tropical garden party! Let’s do this!