Paris, Je t’aime: An Ode To The City Of Lights

paris gary pepper girl

Even though I grew up all over the world, Paris has always held a very special place in my heart. It’s where I was born and spent the first seven years of my life and it’s also where I’ve had some of the best holidays of my life. Every time I visit Paris, I get the same unbelievable sense of excitement; I squeal when I spot the Eiffel tower for the first time (my Parisian friends find this very amusing), I order my pain au chocolat as if it were my last meal, and I head straight to my favorite museums and shopping haunts. Somehow, after all this time, it still feels like home.

So in preparation for my upcoming trip to France in December (so excited!) I thought I’d send a visual love letter to Paris today. Just to let her know I’m coming you know ;)

paris 25

paris 1 paris 26

paris 8
paris 20

paris 6 paris

paris 41


paris 22 paris 29
paris 23

paris 24    paris 28


paris 27   paris 34

paris 30   paris 32 paris 14 paris 11 paris 16 paris 41


paris 31 paris 2

before sunset paris 4   paris 3 paris 13

1/2/3/4/ 5

paris 39


paris 4

      cu versailles

paris 19 paris 18


paris pin up

Sacre coeur 1 paris 5 eiffel tower luggage



Have you ever been to Paris? What was your favorite thing to do whilst there? Do you know of any great bars and restaurant I should check out this year?

Bisous and Macarons



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