An Outdoor Movie Night

an outdoor movie night

After realizing that Autumn is just around the corner (seriously, how did this happen?), Mark and I decided to celebrate the last of the Summer days with an outdoor movie night last week.

We invited a few of our friends over for a special screening of ‘The Breakfast Club’ on our rooftop terrace, complete with 80’s inspired treats and drinks. We also got very lucky with the weather as the night tuned out to be balmy and wind-free – perfect for an outdoor move night!

Here are a few details from the party.

The movie

the breakfast club movie night

We debated which movie to screen for a while but ultimately picked ‘The Breakfast Club’ because it’s such a great ‘classic’ movie and a real crowd-pleaser. Also, it meant that we could give the night a bit of an 80′ theme which made my cheesy side very  happy.

The set up

how to host an outdoor movie night

We kept our event fairly small so that everyone would have somewhere to sit; be it on bar chairs we had at the back, on one of the couches or on the astro-turf. We also arranged our outdoor furniture so that everyone would have an unobstructed view of the screen. There were also a couple of blankets available for those who might get a bit chilly during the night.

We already owned the projector (which we picked up second-hand last year) so all we had to do was to create a ‘screen’ to project the movie on. Since our wall is a light color we probably could have played the movie straight onto it to be honest but I kind of felt like we needed to ‘set up the scene’ a bit more for our guests. So we decided to create a simple homemade movie screen by taping a large, white pvc tablecloth (the kind you find for 3 bucks at party/bargain stores) onto the wall with white gaffer tape. It only took a couple of minutes to do and it worked really well!

set up 2

Since no movie experience would be complete without snacks, we also set up a mini concession stand!

The food and drinks

movie night food buffet

I decided to go with a bit of a retro look and to offer a selection of classic movie treats, including a few American ones (I don’t why but 80’s movies always make me think of American candy for some reason). I went to a specialized candy store and had a lot of fun selecting my goodies for the evening. Also, I may or may not have bought extra candy items that didn’t make it to the final tray. Where they went…I’ll never tell.

candy tray for movie night

Of course we also had popcorn which I served in cute popcorn boxes I found at a bargain store.

movie night 10

Originally, I was only going to serve candy and popcorn but Mark wisely commented that since the movie screening was technically taking place at dinner time people might need something more substantial to eat. So we decided to also have hot dogs (another concession stand classic). We brought them out hot and let people top them with their choice of sauces and garnish.

movie night 4

For the drinks, we kept things very simple with a beer, coke and sparkling water selection. People also brought wine which was great.

All and all it was the perfect evening with friends. Now all we need is for summer to come back asap so that we can do it again!

Have you ever hosted a movie night at home? Which movie did you screen?

set up 4 set up

movie night 7

movie night 13

movie night 6

movie night 12

movie night 18

the breakfast club movie night



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