Follow The Music: Around The World In 8 Music Festivals

coachella couple

Photo by Frazer Harrison

Every once in a while my Honey and I like to indulge in the classic ‘what would we do if we won the lottery’ conversation. Sometimes we’ll list our dream cars (a 1957 Bel-air for me and a Ford Mustang for him thank you) but more often than not we’ll discuss our number 1 dream: a round-the-world trip of music festivals. In this fantasy, we’d travel the world for a year together, hopping from one country to another and attending some of the globe’s best music festivals as we went. Of course money would be no object, our favorite bands would always be playing and I’d suddenly forget that I hate camping because the music would just be that AMAZING!

Putting aside the fact that we never play the Lottery (I think we’d better start saving), here are the music festivals that would feature on our dream itinerary:

1- Holy Ship (Florida, US – Middle of January)

Holy ship is a unique music festival that takes place on a cruise ship. From the moment ‘The Divina’ sets sails in Miami, the party is ON with concerts taking place all around the ship as well as on two private islands in the Bahamas. The festival features the crème de la crème of electronic music and since the artists are stuck on a boat together they often end up playing on each other’s set which makes for some pretty amazing spontaneous collaborations. With artists such as Skrillex, A-track and Diplo regularly headlining the event, it’s no wonder the festival is sold out until 2015!

2- South By Southwest (US, Texas – in March)

Some people could argue that SXSW has become more a multi-media festival than a music festival in recent years with a strong focus being put on its interactive and film sections. Nevertheless, SXSW still draws an incredible amount of musical talent every year from both the US and overseas and artists such as Jay Z, Amy Winehouse and John Mayer have all played there. The festival is also famous for being ‘the’ place to discover new talent and with over 2,200 acts playing at over a 100 venues across downtown Austin, festival goers are really spoiled for choice.

3- Coachella (US, California – in April)

Held over two weekends, Coachella is the biggest music festival in the US. It’s also the most glamorous with L.A celebrities flocking to the event every year and Californian babes strutting their stuff in Boho chic fashion. The music line ups also read like a who’s who of the music world and a look through the festival’s past programs is enough to make any music lover drool. Palm trees, sunshine and amazing music? This is definitely one for the bucket list!

4- Glastonbury (England – end of June)

Nicknamed the ‘grand daddy of music festivals’, Glastonbury has been going strong since 1970. The festival has strong hippie roots and takes place on a dairy farm in rural England with poetic names like ‘healing field’ or ‘peace garden’ given to each concert area. It’s not all ‘free love and roses’ though – Glastonbury is also famous for its *hum* ‘fickle’ British weather and for seeing its beautiful green fields turned into messy mud pits within minutes. It’s all part of the Glastonbury experience though and really what’s a little rain compared to seeing the Rolling Stones rocking it out on stage with 170 000 of your closest friends?

5- Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland – Early July)

Another classic festival, the Montreux Jazz festival has been around long enough to play host to the likes of Nina Simone, Miles Davis, and BB King just to name a few. Located on the shore of beautiful Lake Geneva the festival goes on for two weeks and now includes music acts from every genre. What’s really great about the Montreux festival is that it also gives visitors the opportunity to attend concerts on boats cruising around the lake or in train carts traveling around the city. Not a bad way to listen to music really…

6- Fuji Rock (Japan – late July)

Fuji rock is Japan’s (and some say Asia’s) number 1 music festival. Besides being famous for its strong rock/indie line ups (which this year included Vampire Weekend and Bjork) the festival is also known for its idyllic setting. The concerts take place in a picture-perfect ski resort nestled high in the Japanese mountains, complete with lush forests and pretty river streams. Festival goers even have the option of taking a 20 min gondola ride, which takes them to a whole separate stage area called ‘the day dreaming and silent breeze’ stage. *Swoon*

7- Rock in Rio (Brazil, Portugal, Spain – in September)

‘Rock in Rio’ first originated in Rio Di Janero but the location of the festival now changes every year and it goes from Portugal to Spain and Brazil. Next year the festival will be located in Argentina for the first time. Rock in Rio is generally huge in every sense of the word and features famous acts such as Beyonce, Justin Timberlake or Rihanna. The first ever Rock in Rio, which included AC/DC and Queen drew in almost 1.4 million people!

8- The Falls (Lorne, Australia – in December)

The Falls is a music festival that takes place over New Year’s Eve in three different locations around Australia. Of course my pic would be to attend the one located in my state of Victoria. It would just be the perfect way to end our year of traveling, don’t you think?

Other music festivals I’d love to attend:

  • ‘Burning Man’ in Nevada
  • ‘Lake of stars’ in Malawi
  • ‘Exit’ in Serbia

And the list goes on…

How about you? Are there any music festivals that you’re dying to see? What has been your best festival experience so far? Let me know in the comments section!


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