Chorizo & Sweet Potato Bites

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I have a real weakness for Spanish chorizo. I love it in paella and in baked eggs but my favorite way to eat it is with sweet potato. The sweetness of the potato and the slightly spicy, salty flavors of the chorizo just work wonderfully together and paired with a little garlic aioli, it pretty much makes for the best appetizer ever. These chorizo and sweet potato bites have become somewhat of a staple at my parties over the years – so much so that the first thing my friend asked me when I told her I was planning a party last month was ‘Oh, does this mean you’ll be making the chorizo nibbles I love?‘.

Enough said.

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Ingredients (makes about 12)

2 medium sized sweet potatoes, peeled, sliced and cut into even-ish sized cubes
2 Spanish chorizo, sliced approx 2 cm thick
1/4 cup Aioli
1 tbs olive oil

+ toothpicks


Pour three cups of water into a large pot fitted with a steamer rack.

Place the sweet potato on the rack, cover with a lid, and leave to steam over medium heat for about 7-8 min (or until the potato is cooked tender and cooked through). Leave to slightly cool.

Whilst the potato are cooking, heat one tablespoon of olive oil in a large frying pan placed over medium high heat. Fry the chorizo in the oil for about 1-2 min on each side or until it becomes lightly brown and crispy. Leave to slightly cool for a few minutes.

To serve: dollop a teaspoon of aioli on a serving platter. Spear a piece of chorizo and potato together with a toothpick and place over the aioli. Repeat.


Notes: You can also make this recipe using standard yellow potatoes. If you don’t have a steamer then simply boil the potato pieces until just tender. You don’t want to over cook them or they might start to break apart.


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