Our Christmas In July Party (YOPC #7)

Last year, I decided to set myself a fun little challenge and to throw one party every month. I had originally planned to blog about each party straight after it took place but unfortunately life kinda got in the way of my blogging last year and Pretty Mayhem had to take a backseat for a little while.

Though I took a little break from blogging, I did however manage to keep up with the challenge. My Honey and I threw 12 parties throughout the year and we had a blast! In fact it was so much fun that I thought it’d be a shame not to share them with you – even if a little (hum) late.

To make up for lost time, I’ll share all 6 parties I threw in the second half of last year in the next few weeks! I’m back Baby!


Today, I’m sharing the details of our Christmas in July party which was super fun. As you’ll see below, we really got stuck into the theme and went a bit crazy with decorations, food, and costumes!

Here are all the deets from the party:

The Decor

For added fun, Mark and I decided to give our party a bit of a tacky twist (although one could argue that all Christmas parties are inherentily tacky but I digress here).

I used all the christmas decoration we owned and proceeded to decorate the crap out of decorate our living room and dining room. Then I thought it wasn’t quite ‘bold’ enough and borrowed some more decorations from my friend MJ. This resulted in what I like to call “Christmas Heaven” – or what my Honey less kindly refered to as “Christmas on Crack”.

Potato, potato.

My guests also embraced the theme and dressed up for the occasion which was awesome.

Of course, we also played cheesy Christmas music throughout the evening because Christmas wouldn’t be the same without horrendous cheerful mall music.

The Menu

I got really excited whilst planning the food for the evening since I love a good Christmas meal. I definitely did not opt for a healthy menu though and instead made the following classic dishes:

It was my first time roasting a turkey and boy was I nervous (no one wants dry or undercooked turkey meat!) . Thankfully, it turned out perfectly – mostly thanks to my Honey who bought a meat thermometer for the occasion and who took the turkey out of the oven at the ideal time. I’m not usually one for kitchen gadgets but I swear I’m going to use that thing for every roast now!

For drinks, we started with sparkling wine and then moved on to an assortment of wine and beers. Let’s just say we definitely all felt very merry by the end of the meal and leave it at that ;)

All and all, it was the perfect non-Christmas christmas party.

Next I’ll be sharing the details of our games night! Stay tuned x

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