Clementine Cake

My friend Georgina is one of these lucky ladies whose partner actually enjoys cooking and gardening. They have the most wonderful backyard filled with fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit trees and are always whipping up some treats for us.

When I visited them a couple of weeks ago I saw that their Mandarin Clementine tree was overflowing with fruit and that some of it had just been left on the ground. Georgina explained to me that the mandarins were just too small and were a bit of a hassle to eat because of the piths. This immediately made me think of this recipe, which uses the whole fruit and doesn’t require much handling at all.

The resulting cake is not only gluten-free but dense, moist and delicious.

I glazed the cake for extra sweetness but it really doesn’t need it to be honest; it already has a nice balance of sugar and citrus. However, the side of whipped cream laced with a touch of Cointreau really takes it to another level.

Bon appetit x