Closet Makeover: How To Create The Wardrobe Of Your Dreams

closet pic Have you ever stared at a closet full of clothes and still felt like you felt nothing to wear? Well, it’s been me for the last couple of months. I’m ashamed to admit it, but lately I’ve been spending about twenty minutes an hour every day in front of my wardrobe trying to get ready. Things generally go down like this: I try on half of what I own, throw everything on the floor in a fury, feel bad about it (#firstworldproblems) and then end up wearing the same clothes I wore the week before. Sound familiar?

So in the spirit of starting the new year on a high note I decided to give my wardrobe a major makeover this week. Not only will be I clearing out and re-organising my closet, but I’ll also be redefining my fashion style, identifying my essentials and setting myself some new shopping guidelines for the future. Care to join me?

I’ll be sharing lots of tips and tricks I learned on my quest to reach ‘closet heaven’ in the next week, which I hope will be helpful for you too.

First up tomorrow is a guide on ‘how to edit your wardrobe’!

xx Pearl

image source: Kate Bosworth for ‘The fabric of our lives’.


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