Closet Makeover Part 2: Organizing Your Wardrobe

organized closet

A little closet inspiration…(source: the container store)


This is part 2 of my ‘closet makeover’ project. Last week, I shared some tips on how to clear out your wardrobe and this week it’s all about re-organizing it!

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Just as it’s essential to give your closet a good purge every once in a while, it’s also important to keep it looking tidy and organized.

Before I embarked on this ‘makeover project’ my closet was not only overflowing with clothes that I didn’t wear but it was also in utter shambles. I could never find anything and it was a big part of the problem when I was struggling to get dressed in the morning. Following my big cull last week, I knew that I’d have more space in my closet but I still wanted to implement a new system that would not only maximize my closet space but also help me find things easily. After doing a bit of research and playing around for a few hours, I finally found a system that worked for me.

Here are some tips and tricks:

Put away out-of-season clothes

If you can’t see some items in your closet then chances are you probably won’t wear them. Also, having a cluttered wardrobe can be kind of overwhelming. The trick to a functional wardrobe is to only display things that are currently in season and that you can actually wear. Simply put away the rest of your clothes on higher shelves, in a separate wardrobe or in storage boxes.

♥ Use slimline matching hangers

Wooden hangers might look very elegant but they also take a lot of space; so unless your wardrobe is the size of Mariah Carey’s (*sigh*) opt for slimline hangers instead. Having them in the same color will also help create a more uniformed look and will really put the spotlight on your clothes. Never use wire hangers though as they can damage your clothes – they can also give you static shocks which are never fun!

I actually bought my plastic hangers for $6 a pack at Ikea when I first moved to Melbourne six months ago but have found that they can be slippery. I’m planning to gradually upgrade to velvety ones.

dresses color coded

♥ Group items by categories

Sorting your items by type (jeans with jeans, dresses with dresses, etc.) will make it easier for you to scan through your wardrobe. It also makes everything look much tidier. If you want to go all Martha Stewart on it you could buy clothing dividers or use labels to identify each area.

♥ Put similar colors together

Once you’ve grouped like items together it’s time to sub-categozise them (yes, we’re going the full hog here).

Some people like to group items according to lengths, occasions or fabrics (summery tops together, long sleeves shirts together, work clothes etc.). Personally, I prefer to sort my clothes by color. I like the clean look it creates and it also helps me identify any potential gaps in my wardrobe. For example, I’ve realized that I own too much black. I need to start investing in some more colorful items and buy a few statement jewelery pieces in the future.

♥ Folding vs. Hanging

This one really comes down to personal choice. Some people like to hang up their pants, but since I lack hanging space and don’t own that many pairs of pants I prefer to just fold them in a drawer.

I also fold all my sweaters (so that they don’t lose their shape) and cotton t- shirts and only hang up my blouses, dressy tops and shirts. If you have a lot of tees than rolling them up is a nice and effective way to organize them.

♥ Put your fancy shoes away

Unless you’re planning on walking down the red carpet on a daily basis you probably don’t need to have all your pairs of shoes displayed in your closet. If you’re short for space, pack your really fancy ones in boxes (it will also help preserve them) and store them where you can.

I love the idea of taking a pic of your shoes and putting it in front of each box but an old school label could do the trick just fine. Clear boxes are quite handy too.

shoe display

♥ Organize your accessories

It’s not only your clothes that need a bit of organizing, your accessories do too!


I used to just throw all my jewelry in a bowl but after spending hours trying to furiously untangle necklaces on my way to parties I finally decided to buy a Hanging Jewelry Organizer. I like that these organizers have clear pockets so that you can see all your pieces at a glance.

However, there are many other options out there such as: dividers that you put inside your drawers, clear boxes, hooks, jewelry pinned inside picture frames…the list goes on! Check out Pinterest for more inspiration.

Belts and scarves 

A clever way to display your belts and scarves is to display them on hooks inside your closet door. I’ve also seen people storing belts and scarves in various drawers or labelled boxes.

As I had some space left under my tops section I just chose to display my belts there (my scarves are in my off season wardrobe at the moment) but I might look at putting in plastic hooks in the next few weeks.



I originally loved the idea of hanging up bags on hooks but after reading that it could damage them I decided to display them on my top shelf instead. Another way would be to put them in lined baskets.


Phase 2 is now complete! I don’t know about you but I kind of feel like a real grown up looking at my closet now…

before and after closet makeover pretty mayhem
It’s definitely not perfect yet but it’s a big step in the right direction!


I hope you found these tips useful. Next, I’ll be talking about ‘defining and refining your personal style’.

Stay tuned!

I’d also love to know about your favorite organization tips so please share them in the comments section below!


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