A DIY Easter Floral Arrangement

A DIY Easter floral arrangement

I’m so happy to be sharing this simple tutorial for a DIY Floral Easter arrangement with you today! I’ve been wanting to feature floral arrangements on the blog for a while now so you can imagine my excitement when I met Melbourne-based florist Gillian Pollard a couple of months ago. She kindly invited me to her studio yesterday and designed this beautiful Easter bouquet just for us!

She also gave me a lot of tips on how to care for freshly cut flowers so keep tuned for another floral themed post next week. In the meantime, read on for Gillian’s instructions on how to recreate this gorgeous Easter floral arrangement at home.

Step 1: Gather your supplies

floral arrangement

You will need:

Floral Tape (normal stationery tape works fine too)
Sharp Scissors
A Tea towel
A Vase

Foliage (optional)
3 stems Hydrangea (blue)
4 stems Chrysanthemum (brown)
3 stems Matricaria (small yellow button-like flowers)
1 bunch Tulip
5 stems Easter daisy

Step 2: Create a tape grid

Fill your vase with water until about half way up and tape off your vase into sections. Creating such a ‘grid’ is great for beginners because it makes it easier to keep your flowers into place and to evenly space them out.

floral grid

Step 3: Prepare your flowers

prepping flower

  • Measure the flowers against your vase and cut off the stems at an angle. Keep the tulips slightly longer than the other flowers.
  • Remove any dirt from the stems
  • Strip any extra leaves from the stems that would be below the water line once in the vase. This step is very important as it will help keep your water cleaner. Clean water = longer lasting flowers!

Step 4: Create the base of your bouquet using foliage and hydrangeas

Create a base for your bouquet by first adding foliage to the vase. You can use anything from your garden or local park (Gillian even used stems of rosemary that she had in her fridge!) but if you don’t have any greenery on hand then don’t worry about this extra step (or simply add a couple of extra hydrangeas to the bouquet).

Then add the hydrangeas to the vase by placing them into different quadrants.

create the base of your bouquet

Step 5: Add the ‘secondary’ flowers (the chrysanthemums) to the vase

Place the chrysanthemums in different quadrants.

Make sure you keep on turning your vase as you arrange your flowers so that you can see your creation from all angles!

second flowers

Step: Add the feature flowers (the tulips)

The tulips are the stars here so they should sit slightly higher than the other flowers. Make sure you space them out in different quadrants so they don’t all end up on one side of your bouquet.

adding tulips 3

Step 7 Fill in the gaps

Fill in any remaining gaps with matricarias and easter daisies.

filling gaps

filling the gaps

And voila, you’ve got the perfect Easter themed bouquet!

easter floral arrangement

Thanks again Gillian for sharing this tutorial!

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