An Easy Pizza And Wine Party

how to host an easy pizza and wine party

Even though I love cooking for my friends and family, I’m also more  than happy to let someone else do all the work every once in a while. This holds especially true when I’m hosting dinner parties during the week as the last thing I feel like doing after a big work day is to rush around a busy supermarket and spend half my evening in the kitchen.

So, during the week, I now like to host what I call ‘fancy takeout nights’ – meaning that I order nice takeout food which I then style (and by ‘style’ I mean I take it out of the boxes and serve it in pretty dishes) and serve alongside a few good wines. Sometimes, I’ll also throw in a simple home-made salad if I’m feeling particularly industrious. Like this, I still feel like I’ve made somewhat of an effort whilst still enjoying a super low stress and fun evening with my friends. WIN.

Here’s how I threw the easiest pizza and wine dinner party last week:

The Food

tips for an easy pizza and wine party

My go-to app for food deliveries is “Eat Now” so I was really happy when they contacted me to partner up on this post. I love that they have a ton of restaurant options available and I also find their system super easy to use.


For this particular party, I already knew that I wanted to order pizza, but not just any kind of pizza – wood-fired pizza! (Because #fancy.) Mark and I had been meaning to try this cute little wood fired pizza place down the road called Farina 00 for ages so I was happy when I saw that they were listed on Eat Now. The fact that they offer 20% on your first delivery also helped seal the deal ;)

The food arrived in less than 20 mins which we were all very impressed with (I mean they are just down the road but that was still some solid effort from the chef and delivery lady!). I think it actually took us longer to choose our pizzas than to have them delivered haha.

We were 7 people in total and so we ordered: 5 pizzas (vegetarian, speck and pesto, mexicana, napolitana, and meat lovers), an antipasto platter, and some croquettes. Since I wasn’t sure how big the pizzas would be, I threw a green salad together before the order arrived just in case. It turned out to be completely unnecessary as there was more than enough food!

The Drinks


Pizza and wine are a match made in heaven which is partly I chose this theme for the party (and also because one type of drink = less fuss).

Everyone brought a different bottle of wine which was a great way to experience various pizza and wine combinations. We had Sauvignon, Pinot Gris, Cabernet/Merlot and Sparkling Wine and I was amazed how each wine enhanced the pizzas in a different way.

My personal favorite was sparkling wine combined with vegetarian pizza though I also loved pinot gris with spicy salami pizza. Mark’s favorite combination was the meat lovers pizza with a glass of red wine. One that didn’t seem to work as well was sauvignon blanc with the meat lovers pizza. I think the toppings called for a bolder wine…

In addition to wine, I also offered San Pellegrino water to my guests (because nothing says fancy like over priced Italian sparkling water).

Setting Up


It was a lovely, warm evening so we decided to take our dinner table outside and eat in our backyard. Dining al fresco definitely added to the party atmosphere!

I set out serviettes and plates for everyone and also put out a couple of hot sauces in case people wanted to spice up their pizza (tabasco forever).

Before everyone sat down, I quickly took out the pizzas from their boxes and placed them in various dishes and platters. Not only did it look prettier but it also took less space on the table this way!

Finally we put on some music and dug in. The pizzas were delicious! My favorite was probably the speck and pesto pizza because it was such a unique combination of flavors but I truly enjoyed all of the other ones too. Mark’s favorite was suprisingly the vegetarian pizza which he thought tasted like “garlic bread topped with yummy roasted vegetables”. It doesn’t get any better than that, does it?:)

All and all, it was the perfect midweek dinner party!

Until next time xx

This post was made with the help of Eat Now but all opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Pretty Mayhem!