Pretty Outings: Exploring The Werribee Park Mansion, Rose Gardens And Sculpture trail)

werribee mansion

My honey woke me up with a lovely birthday surprise on Sunday morning.  First he served me breakfast in bed (french toast, my favorite) and then told me that we were going on a mystery trip!

As I tried on half of my wardrobe a few outfits, I tried to quiz him to get more info on our destination but his lips were decidedly sealed. The only clue that he would give me was to dress ‘smart casual’, which was another surprise since I don’t think I’ve ever heard him used these words before. He obviously wanted us to get a move on. A striped shirt dress would have to do (when in doubt, go for stripes).

Dying of curiosity, I kept on looking for direction signs during our drive out of the city but Mark would cleverly distract me each time he saw any clue coming up along the road. It’s not until we were just around the corner from our destination that I finally clicked: we were going to Werribee Park! Now if you’re not from Melbourne, Werribee park is a huge estate which includes a historical mansion, open range zoo, the Victoria State rose gardens, a sculpture trail, a hotel, spa….the works.

It’s a beautiful property and if you’re lucky to get a beautiful sunny day like we did, then it really makes for the perfect day out. Here are a few highlights from the day:

The Victoria State Rose Gardens

I love rose gardens and this was probably the most beautiful one I’ve ever visited to be honest. The flowers were all in bloom and there was barely anyone there so it was like we had the whole park for ourselves. What’s also very cute about these rose gardens is that they are designed in the shape of a flower so if you looked at them from above, you’d see a rose made out of roses. I don’t think it gets more cheesy romantic than that now does it?

rose garden sign

rose garden 3

rose garden 4

rose garden 5

rose garden 1

rose cu

rose gardens 5

rose gardens 10

rose gardens 11

rose gardens 12

rose gardens 6


The Mansion

After I got my eyefull of pretty roses, we walked through the Werribee Mansion’s gardens and headed to its restaurant ‘Joseph’s’. Although the menu was quite short, the food was really lovely and the desserts were particularly delicious. We were the first ones there but it was quite busy by the time we left!

werribee garden

lake 2


werribee laundry

werribee gardens


werribee mansion 3

restaurant werribee estate

joseph's restaurant werribee park

The Sculpture trail

After our big lunch we were happy to wander down the sculpture trail for a while. It wasn’t mind blowing or anything (the one I visited in Waiheke a few years ago still remains my all-time favorite art trail) but there were still a few interesting pieces. I did however get a little worried when I saw signs that said ‘don’t get stray off the path. Snakes area.’ Sometimes I forget that I live in Australia now…

sculpture 4

sculpture 1

sculpture collage

sculpture 2

sculpture 3

sculpture 5

By the end of the trail, we were ready to go home for some more celebratory champagne but I can’t wait to go back to Werribee and visit the zoo next time!


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