Fast Times: The Best Of 2013

best of 2013 Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope you all had a fantastic New Year’s Eve.

I can’t quite believe we’re officially in 2014 to be honest; it’s not that I’m too hungover or anything (although come to think of it, my head does hurt a little from last night’s glorious festivities) but last year went by so fast that I barely had the time to scream ‘Happy 2013!’ before it was already time for another set of Champagne and end-of-year fireworks.

I’m not complaining though. 2013 was a huge year and I have plenty to be thankful for – I went on some amazing trips, had some great times with Mark and our friends, moved country and met loads of amazing peeps along the way…I’m also super grateful to you guys for all of your support in 2013. Pretty Mayhem was just a few posts old at the beginning of the year and to be able to grow it so much in twelve months has been amazing.

I’ll be taking the next few days off to spend some time with my friends who are visiting from overseas (and also to, hum, ‘recuperate’ from the silly season) but I’ll be back on Sunday 6th for a whole new year of fun and games.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy going through some of my top 2013 moments below.

A bientot! xx

The Best Of 2013

♥ Celebrated the new year with a great trip to Vietnam , Thailand and Laos. It was kind of a last minute decision but I’m SO glad Mark and I decided to go. Vietnam was beyond amazing (the food!the trains! Hoi Ann!) and we had a great time scooter-ing around Koh Chang island and partying in Bangkok…I also got to go to Laos for a few days with my parents which was equally awesome.

♥ Followed a beautiful sculpture trail on Waiheke island. Great weather+ great art+ great picnic on the beach = the perfect day.

♥ Got an SLR camera for my Birthday and started taking photos of EVERYTHING….

♥ Went to a classic cars show in the Coromandel – pointed at every single Chevrolet Bel-airs excitedly and said to Mark each time ‘Oh I love that one, what is it?‘. Made Mark promise me that he would buy me a Bel Air if we ever won Lotto (in exchange for me shutting up about them)…

♥ Got into cooking a whole lot more. Made stir fries, gin and tonic cupcakes, madeleines, crostinis and other treats for the blog. And then ate it all. It’s a hard life.

♥ Celebrated our departure from New Zealand with a big weekend away with our friends. Partied all day/night. Laughed a lot, cried a little and then watched the sunrise.

♥ Watched Dirty Dancing again – twice.

♥ Graduated from University for the second time in my life (I graduated with a diploma years ago and crazily went back for more). Felt like a Harry Potter character in my black robes and kinda really liked it (I’m secretly 5 years old).

♥ Moved to Melbourne!

♥ Found a little house to rent then spent all of our free time getting lost at Ikea and scouring through vintage stores. Put up our favorite pieces of art on our walls and officially turned our house into a home. I’ll be sharing some pics very soon!

♥ Started exploring the city’s laneways and fell in love with the local street art.

♥ Read some great books: my faves were probably The Night Circus, The Fault in Our Stars and The Rosie Project.

♥ Visited my friends and Grandfather in France. Ate and drank my way around my home country for three weeks. Put on about 5 pounds in the process (I blame the macarons).

♥ Attended the Blogcademy and met some awesome blogging babes. Walked away feeling super inspired and with a million of ideas…

♥ Had a few of our friends visit from New Zealand. It’s been so much fun showing people around our new city, I just wish we could keep them here with us…

♥ Started watching ‘Park and Recreation’ and became obsessed – long live Pawnee! Also watched a lot of Suits, Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy, Girls, Modern Family and New Girl (hum, obviously watched too much television in 2013…)

♥ Had our first Christmas in Melbourne. Ate a pile of pancakes . Decided to lose 10 pounds in 2014.

♥ Shared a great midnight kiss with my Honey on NYE. Felt really, really happy whilst watching the fireworks over the Melbourne skyline…all and all, it was a freakin’ good year.

I haven’t really made any huge plans or resolutions for 2014 (probably because I’m still in denial about this whole new year business) but I figure that it’s OK. In a way I quite like the idea of just continuing to do more of what makes me happy and seeing what 2014 brings.

After all,  I do love a good surprise.

What are you grateful for last year? I’d love to hear about your highlights! xx


  • Hey hun! Wow, what a year! So good to see all the amazing things you have done and experience. I posted my highlights on my blog.
    I just saw that you live in Melbourne? Is that Melbourne Australia?

    • Hi Sam, thanks for stopping by! I saw your highlights and it sounds like you had a great year 2013 as well! Yes, I moved to Melbourne Australia six months ago. You’re in Australia as well aren’t you? x

  • Hey darling – so glad you like FabulosiTEA! And you have had such a wonderful year… here’s to a fabulous 2014, can’t wait to see what pretty mayhem you cook up next! xxx

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