Fast Times: The Best Of April

best of aprilfinal

April was one of those months that was over before I knew it. As I’m writing this, movers are packing up our stuff to send to Australia and it’s really sinking in that in two weeks we’ll be living in Melbourne. Mark and I have definitely been making the most out of the beautiful Autumn New Zealand has been having and the last 30 days have been filled with laughter, spontaneous outings and good times.

Here are my April highlights:

♥ I organised my first art exhibition showcasing the work of four artists at The Hard Luck Cafe in Auckland. Although it wasn’t without its fair share of stress and behind-the-scenes dramas it was overall a fantastic experience. I really hope to organise more art shows in the future as it is amazingly rewarding to see an artist’s work being revealed to the public. We sold over half of the pieces on opening night which was a wonderful added bonus.

♥ Mark and I went away to Kerikeri with a couple of our friends for the weekend. Our friend Chris is originally from the region so we got a special guided tour which included visiting a chocolate factory, getting secrets from a Thai chef, walking along waterfalls and patting baby piglets! And that’s without counting a little impromptu photo shoot in an orchid greenhouse…more on that trip very soon.

♥ I baked some Anzac Day biscuits on Remembrance Day and took time to reflect on the past.

♥ I edited my wardrobe down to just a few boxes. I’d like to think I could keep it to that reasonable size forever but who am I kidding really – there’s no way I’m going to be able to resist shopping in Melbourne!

♥ I saw a funny and very much ‘outside the box’ comedy show entirely dedicated to Carl Urban. I especially liked the musical acts which consisted of hilarious and much raunchier versions of famous songs.  Some of these songs are still stuck in my head…

♥ Mark and I practically spent the last month drinking and eating out with friends which was really bad for my waistline (need to lose about 10 pounds) and our bank account (need to win Lotto) but there were also some of the best nights we’ve ever had.

♥ I made Rosemary Gin Fizz, a recipe which will most likely become a classic in our house because it’s so damn tasty.

♥ Finally (most importantly?) I discovered ‘Chinese golden deep fried dumplings’ – little dollops of heaven drizzled with sweet condensed milk. SO GOOD.

My next ‘Fast Times’ will be coming from Melbourne – can’t wait to share all my new adventures with you!

Wishing a great month of May,

x Pearl