Fast Times: The Best Of August

pretty mayhem august 2013 Can you believe it’s already September? We celebrated the first day of Spring in Australia today and with temperatures reaching 24 degrees in the afternoon it almost felt like we were already in summer. Soon we’ll all be hanging out at the beach, drinking cocktails in the sun and celebrating Christmas! Although I’m very excited at thought of storing away my Winter coat, I’m also a little bit sad to say good-bye to August which was really a cracker of a month.

These were my favorite August highlights:

My graduation
I had already graduated once before with a diploma but this ceremony definitely felt much more special to me. I’d like to think that it’s because I was older and wiser this time around and felt a real sense of achievement holding that piece of paper in my hand… but really, it’s probably more related to the fact that I got to wear a fancy hat and snazzy outfit for the day. I know – I’m so vain.

My graduation party
It was so nice to see all of my New Zealand friends again and I was really grateful that they turned up to celebrate with me. Plus, the bubbles weren’t bad.

♥ Discovering that there’s more to beer than Heineken
In Auckland, I went to a beer tasting at a very cool brew bar called Brothers Beer. My friend Catherine (who works there) gave me quite an education on craft beers in the process and I’ll be sharing my experience with you very soon!

The Auckland Winter gardens
I went for a walk in the Auckland domain and stopped by the Winter gardens which is always my favorite part of the park. The indoor flower displays are stunning and they change them every few months so it’s always a lovely surprise when you walk in the building.

Having my cat purring on my lap
I got lots of cuddle time with my cat Buffy (don’t judge) who is still living in New Zealand at the moment. It was hard saying good-bye to her, but then again she seemed pretty happy with my mother-in-law and barely looked at me when I left! *ungrateful creature*

♥ Watching Dirty Dancing with my friend Terri
The perfect girls’ night in.

The Melbourne Zoo
Mark and I went to the zoo and saw three kangaroos, two koalas, a baby elephant and hundreds of butterflies. After the zoo we headed to the south bank waterfront for lunch and shared the most beautiful melt-in-your mouth tiramisu for dessert. It was the cherry on top of a beautiful day.

♥ Furnishing our house
Mark and I finally bought a couch and we are now almost done decorating our house. It’s been a long but fun process and I can’t wait till the house is completely furnished. Hopefully we’ll have our first house party soon!

♥ The weather
The temperature has been steadily rising in the last couple of weeks and I turned off my heater for the first time in three months yesterday. Yay for summer dresses and lower power bills!

The Queen Victoria market
Mark and I finally managed to visit this iconic Melbourne market for the first time yesterday. It was bustling with tourists and locals and the the stalls were brimming with gorgeous fresh produce. The whole building was very beautifully designed (the market dates back from the late 1800’s) but my favorite part was definitely the Dairy Hall because of all its Art Deco features. The shops still have all their original detailing and the hall looked like a set from the Great Gatsby.

This month, I read the Legacy series which was quite an entertaining read even though the books are originally aimed at teenagers I think (but who can resist a good princess/star cross lovers story?). I also enjoyed ‘The Conversation‘ which in many ways was the complete opposite of the Legacy series.  It consisted of a semi philosophical conversation between a young woman and an older man and touched on big life subjects such as love, religion, art etc.

♥ Planning my holiday to France
I booked a ticket for a holiday in France in three weeks! I’m going to visit my family and friends for a few weeks so September should be pretty fun and exciting too!

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How was your month of august? Are you happy about the change of season? What are your plans for September?