Fast times: The Best Of February

fast times: the best of february

Oh February, we had some good times but I can’t lie – you were also one hell of a frustrating month! Mercury went retrograde for three weeks and it caused the usual mood swings, technical meltdowns and general feeling of blah.

It wasn’t all bad though and really, considering how unmotivated I felt at times I still managed to get quite a bit done. I re-organized my whole wardrobe and blog files, went to some pretty cool art shows and made some exciting plans for our upcoming trip to Europe.  Plus the mercury retrograde finished before we entered my favorite month of the year so I can’t really complain. It’s my birthday in 20 days (but who’s counting?) and as far as I’m concerned the party starts now!

So before we pop the bubbly let’s take a moment to reminisce about the best of February…

Best Outings

Mark and I had an amazing time at White Night Melbournelast weekend. The city was heaving with people (I swear there were more people out on the streets than on NYE) but there was so much to do and see that we didn’t really care about the crowds. My favorite attraction was probably the circus projection on the forum theater but I also really enjoyed watching people learning how to dance on Federation square.

Yesterday we went to the Melbourne Now! exhibition at NGV which was also awesome. I’ll be sharing a post about that visit next week!

♥ Best Cocktails and Chats

Last weekend I recorded my first video for the blog! Hollie and Lisa came over for some Champagne Mojitos and we got chatting on the topic of coping with the fact that you don’t like your friend’s boyfriend. The video should be going live on Wednesday, exciting!

♥ Best Dessert

My friend Michelle (Famous all over Melbourne for her delicious cakes) taught me how to make Glitter Cake Pops for Valentine’s day and they were soooo good.

♥ Best trip down memory lane

I made a 90’s mixtape for Valentine’s Day and hearing all those cheesy love songs took me right back to my teenage years. So many fun (and embarrassing) memories…

Best Dad

My father turned 60 this month! This may sound a bit depressing but as I get older I’m definitely becoming more aware of how precious life is and how lucky I am to have both my parents alive and well. I am so grateful to have them in my life. My father always makes me laugh and his unfaltering optimism never fails to inspire me. He actually inspired this monthly column did you know?

♥ Best Reads

This month I re-read the 50 shades of Grey trilogy and you know what? I rather enjoyed it, again. I still found Anastasia a little frustrating (or annoying) but I can’t deny that Christian Grey is one sexy character. I wonder how this will all translate to screen.

Another book I really enjoyed reading this month was the The Paris Wife. Have you read it? It’s really lovely and had me dreaming of living in Paris during the jazz era.

♥ Best Watch

Mark went on a business trip to NZ for a few days which gave me the opportunity to indulge in many girly movies (I may have watched Clueless more than once) and take-away pizzas. We also started watching Brooklyn nine nine together which I’m really enjoying.

A couple of weeks ago I went to the movies to see The Great Beauty; a slow but very beautiful Italian movie centered in Rome. If you loved the Dolce Vita then I highly recommend you watch it! it might even win an Oscar tomorrow…

 Other Bits February goodness

♥ french bulldogs playing in the park ♥ coconut and white chocolate tea ♥ choosing hotels for our trip ♥ meeting new people ♥ valentine’s day breakfast in bed ♥ leftover cake pops ♥ 90’s movies ♥ Greek spinach pie ♥ cute vintage finds ♥ surviving the mercury retrograde