Fast Times: The Best Of January

the best of january 2014 I always look forward to the month of January. I love the new clean slate it provides and I get a little high from thinking about all the exciting possibilities that lie ahead for the rest of the year.  Also, since it corresponds with the height of summer here in Australia there are always plenty of fun things to do.

The beginning of the year was pretty much everything I hoped for to be honest. It started with NYE fireworks and ended with sparklers on a rooftop so what more could you wish for? Even the killer heatwave we went through earlier this month doesn’t seem that bad now…(Actually, I take that back – it was pretty hideous…but at least it’s over so yay for that).

Here were some of my January highlights:

♥ Planning our European holiday

Mark and I will be heading to Europe in May which we are super excited about. We’re meeting friends in Rome for a few days and I’ve been browsing through the airbnb website to find a place to stay. So many cool apartments to choose from! We’ll also be celebrating our wedding with my French friends and Grandfather in the south of France (two years after our NZ wedding but better late than never right?) so I’m really looking forward to that too!

♥ Spending times with old friends and making new ones

We had two lots of out-of-town friends visit us in Melbourne this month which was of course amazing. I never get tired of showing people around our new city and home and taking them to our favorite spots.

I also got to spend more time with the girls from the Blogcademy this month which was awesome. We had a picnic at the beginning of the month and then caught up for a rooftop party at one of the blogcadette’s house last night. Nothing beats watching the sunset from a rooftop terrace, making new friends and lighting sparklers at nightfall!

Drinking Sangria at Madame Brussels

One of my favorite places to take overseas friends is ‘Madame Brussels’ which is a rooftop bar in the city. It’s a super cute place that’s kinda kitted out like a country club and their summer punches are to die for. They even provide you with umbrellas to shelter yourself from the sun (and take lots of photos with). I could literally spend a whole afternoon there just chilling out…

♥ Listening to music in the park

I love our local park down the road. It’s usually filled with happy dogs and their owners (I’m officially a french bulldog stalker) but it’s even better during the summer as it plays host to various music events. The music generally starts around 6pm and everyone in the neighborhood comes down with food, picnic blankets and chairs to enjoy the music. It’s a really lovely way to spend a Sunday evening.

Sleeping in my own bed

After sleeping in our lounge for a week during the heatwave I’ve got a whole new appreciation for my comfy bed and fluffy pillows. It’s the little things really…


This month I gave in to my inner 15 year old and started reading the Vampire Academy series. It’s been a pretty entertaining read actually and I’ve been flying through the books faster than I’d like to admit. After reading some pretty sad/heavy books in December it was definitely a nice break.

♥ Overhauling my closet

Clearing out my closet felt SO good and to be honest it’s made a huge difference to my getting ready routines. Just being able to actually see my clothes was a massive game changer and I think I’m saving myself about half an hour every time I’m going out. If you’re thinking about doing the same thing check out my closet makeover series here!

♥ Watching Movies

I watched a few movies this month but my favorite was probably ‘American Hustle’. I thought the cast was amazing and the costumes were gorgeous too. Plus it had Jennifer Lawrence in it which is always a bonus.

I also watched ‘Clueless’ again (I’m definitely having a 15 year old moment) and it was still as awesomely 90’s as I remembered.

Other random bits of January goodness:

extra cold iced tea on hot days lazy sundays with my honey watching re-runs of ‘Grand Designs’ and imagining our dream home Long Skype conversations with my besties Walks along the beach Celebrating our first Australia day Inspirational talks with other blogging babes yummy appetizers saying ‘as if‘ in true Cher style Pianos scattered around the city for everyone to play on Mini road trips strawberry and basil sparklers

What were your highlights from January?