Fast Times: The Best Of July

the best of july Happy Friday!

I’m writing this post from New Zealand where I’m spending an amazing week-long holiday in Auckland. The days have been going by really fast but I’ve definitely been making the most of my time here catching up with friends, trying out new bars and restaurants and drinking beautiful New Zealand wines.

Today is a particularly big day as I’m graduating from my Bachelor of Business. Even though this is my second graduation (I went to film school years ago) I’m still pretty excited at the thought of holding my diploma in my hands and walking around in my Harry Potter looking outfit. And of course there’s the after party to look forward to, but that’s a story for next month’s ‘fast times’ I think…

In the meantime here are my highlights for July which was also full of lovely times and adventures:

♥ I worked on a great little event called ‘The Clothing Exchange’ where ladies from all over Melbourne came to swap their clothes. It was great to see so many people embracing the concept of recycling your clothes which is so good for the environment (as well as our wallets) and the team behind the event was fantastic. It even inspired me to write a little post on ‘how to host a clothes swap party at home’ which I shall be publishing very soon, so stay tuned x

♥ Mark and I went to the Prahran Market to shop for ‘Bastille Day’ supplies. The market is a little bit of an institution in our parts and is a great place to find fresh produce. The nearby shops also have everything a cook could ever need from spices to rare overseas products and cute decorations. This year we chose to celebrate Bastille Day at home and feasted on French wine, duck confit and creme brulee. Bliss!

♥ Mark and I also visited the ‘Shrine of Remembrance‘ a couple of weeks ago: a monument dedicated to the soldiers who died during World War I. I always find visiting war memorials a humbling experience and each time I’m reminded of how lucky we are to live in a place free of war. The monument is also in a beautiful location on a hill top surrounded by a park and with views over the city, so it’s a must see for anyone who visits Melbourne.

♥ Winter always makes me want to hibernate a little so I must admit I spent many nights staying in and choosing a book and mulled wine over partying. I discovered a little independent bookshop just down the road from my new house and the ladies were so lovely that I kept on going back for more books every week (might as well support your local shops, right?). If you’re on the hunt for a new read then I definitely recommend ‘The Rosie project’ by Graeme Simsion and ‘The ocean at the end of the lane’ by Neil Gaiman. Very different, but both AMAZING.

♥ I made Gin & Tonic birthday cupcakes for Mark’s 30th Birthday and we headed to a delicious Thai fusion restaurant called Ayatana to celebrate. So good…

♥ I spent an afternoon walking through Melbourne’s laneways and taking snaps of my favorite street art pieces.

♥ I finally caught up with an old friend I hadn’t seen in 10 years and we started talking as if we had just left each other the day before. I guess true friendship never dies (either that or we’ve both been stalking each other on Facebook for the last 10 years, lol).

♥ I arrived in Auckland last weekend and on my way back from the airport stopped at my friend’s 4 year old son’s rugby game. Seeing a bunch of little kiddies running around a rugby pitch without knowing where to go or what to do was potentially the cutest and funniest thing I’ve ever seen. (Except for my friend’s son of course, he was perfect -)

♥ My friend Terri and I spent an evening watching new season episodes of ‘Cougar town’. Whilst gossiping and drinking bubbles of course. It was basically the perfect girls’ night in.

♥ I went to Waiheke Island (which is potentially my favorite place on earth) a couple of days ago to visit my friend Melanie who now lives there (lucky b*). The weather was stunning and we spent a day visiting wineries and trying some of the island’s newly released vintages. Mel had organized a few behind-the-scenes tours for me and I can’t wait to share these with you as soon as I get home!

♥ And last but not least, I made a fire all by myself yesterday! I know how silly that sounds but there’s something quite gratifying about building a fire without any ‘man’ help. Ha, it’s the little things…

Right, I guess I’d better run if I don’t want to miss my graduation! Check out my Facebook page if you’d like to see a pic of me looking silly in my uniform!

Also, I’d love to hear about your highlights, what did you really love about July?



  • Yay what a great month, big congrats on graduating Pearl. It is a big achievement and I am sure you celebrated in style after the ceremony, so gutted I couldn’t be there, but definitely hosting you on Waiheke was one of the highlights of my month for sure and yeah gurrl you make a mean fire! Mel x

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