Fast Times: The Best Of November

xmas Can you believe it’s already December? Christmas is officially only 24 days away – exciting! Before jumping to eggnogs and presents though let’s first reminisce about the best November had to offer. Here were my personal highlights:

♥ Visits from friends

I love it when people visit from overseas so this month I was super excited to host two of my very good friends from New Zealand. The weather didn’t co-operate as well as I’d hoped during their visits but what we lacked in beach outings we made up with delicious food and a few too many bar visits.

♥ That summer feelin’

In between the rainy days there were a few gorgeous sunny days. Mark and I took advantage of all the blue sky we could get and went for sunset walks across the park and for ice cream at the beach. I can’t believe I’m saying this but it’s almost starting to get too hot now…I don’t think there’s such a thing as a happy middle in Melbourne.

♥ Changes

I conducted a little blog survey and the response was amazing. It really motivated me to  make a few changes to the blog and I can’t wait to take Pretty Mayhem to the next level. Next month I’ll be starting some new exciting features so stay tuned x

Great TV

Mark and I started watching The Newsroom this month and so far it’s been fantastic! It’s got a great cast and the storylines always manage to strike a perfect balance between drama and comedy. Another show we’re really into at the moment is Masters of Sex which is a little bit more on the dramatic side but equally engrossing.

♥ New job

After a few months wait I finally received my working visa this month which prompted me to start looking for freelance work. Luckily I found something really quickly and I’m excited to be starting a new short term contract on Monday! Just in time for Christmas shopping…

♥ The Blogcademy and Blogcademy Christmas party

My November highlight was hands down attending the Blogcademy: a two day blogging workshop run by blogging queens Nubby Twiglet, Rock N Roll bride and Gala Darling. I’ve been a huge fan of these girls for a while now and attending their workshop was like a mini dream come true. I also got to meet some pretty inspiring babes in the process and I feel like I’ve made a whole new lot of friends in Melbourne.

Today a few of the girls came over to the my house for  a Blogcademy Christmas party which was a great opportunity to catch up again and get over our post blogcademy blues.Can’t wait for the next party!

blogcademy party


How was your month of November? Let me know about your highlights in the comment section!