Fast Times: The Best Of October

best of october Hello Beautiful!

How was your month of October? After spending 3 1/2 weeks in Europe I was happy to head back home to my Honey in Melbourne. I had an awesome time overseas but as they say ‘there’s no place like home‘! After moving every few days in France I was also happy to sleep in my own bed, which I did for like three days straight upon my arrival (gotta love a good jet lag). Between France, Brussels and Melbourne, October was a whole lot of fun. Here were my highlights:

Visiting Brussels

On my way back to Australia I stopped by Brussels to visit my friend Cendrine who now lives there. I had never been there before so it was great to discover a new city especially with a local! Brussels was a lot of fun: Cendrine and I spent a lot of time walking around the old town, looking at art deco/nouveau buildings and doing the comic trail. With a few beers and mussels here and there of course. I’m compiling a mini travel guide to Brussels as we speak so I’ll be sharing more insights with you soon!

Finding a beauty routine that works for me

I’ve been really bad at taking care of my skin in the last few months and it’s been showing. My skin has been really dry and I’ve been having bad breakouts as well which took me back to my teenage years (eww). I’d like to say it was due to ‘budget restrictions’ but really I was just being lazy. When I was in France, I finally headed to the chemist and picked a few daily products. My skin is so much better now (Nuxe, where have you been all my life?).

Listening to records

Mark loves vinyls so I really missed listening to music whilst I was on holiday. I brought him back a few records from France and we’ve been playing C2C and Breakbot a lot lately. I’m also in love with James Blake!

Krispy Kreme donuts

Do I need to explain?

Spending time at the beach

The weather was absolutely beautiful a couple of weekends ago and so we headed down to St Kilda to have a few drinks with friends. The beach was really busy with happy sun bathers, cyclists and rollerbladers (how is that still a thing?) everywhere. Of course the bars were also packed and I may or may not have had to much to drink that day. Either way the view from the bar was amazing and we watched the most beautiful sunset that night. The rest of the night is more of a blur though, hum.

Reading love messages in the sky

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while you’ll probably have noticed that I love anything cheesy and romantic. So when I saw someone write a marriage proposal into the sky last week I got ridiculously excited. And then of course I nagged Mark for not having proposed to me like that. Because I’m not only cheesy, I’m also annoying.

Having our first visitor

We had our first overnight visitor this month as my friend Raeleen came from Auckland for a few days. We don’t know that people in Melbourne yet so it was great to have someone to talk to about girly things and to gossip with. We also had a great time showing her around our favorite bars and restaurants. Somehow we ended up playing at a trivia night at Colonel Tan’s which, despite the fact that we sucked, was a lot of fun.

Watching movies on Halloween

Mark and I decided to stay in for Halloween this year and to indulge in some old school horror movies. Although as Mark kindly pointed out: ‘Scary Movie isn’t a horror film honey and neither is Hocus Pocus’. Oh well, he didn’t complain about the candy!

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Have a great month of November!

xx Pearl

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