Fast Times: The Best Of September



How was your September? I spent mine between Melbourne and France and it was an awesome month all around. I got to travel around my home country, eat a whole lot of food and hang out with people I love, what more could you ask for? And the holidays aren’t over yet! I’m still in Europe for another week and a half so I’ll be sharing more of my adventures with you soon.

In the meantime, here are my highlights from September:

♥ Spending time with my Honey
Since we knew we weren’t going to be together for three weeks Mark and I made sure that we spent lots of quality time together before I left. This meant going for walks together, trying new restaurants and of course watching our favorite TV series in bed. We are officially addicted to ‘Suits’!

♥ Reading
This month I re-read The Alchemist for the tenth time (at least). It is one of my favorite books of all time and it always encourages me to keep on pursuing my dreams. Have you read it as well?

♥ Revisiting Paris
I convinced my childhood friend Keo to play tourist with me for a day and I loved every minute of it. I got to revisit my favorite sites such as the Eiffel tower, The pont des arts and the Louvre. Although, to be fair, it was probably more fun for me than Keo since he lives in Paris all year long -) You can read more about my trip to Paris here.

♥ French Food & Wine
Since I’ve arrived in France I’ve been ignoring my scales and eating as many French treats as I could put my hands on. Croissants, home-made tarts, macarons, the list goes on!

I’ve also been indulging in some pretty amazing wines. I’m sure I’ll regret all this in October when I realize that I’ve put on 5 kgs (if I’m lucky) in 3 weeks but you know what? It’s totally worth it!

♥ Hanging out with my grandfather
I’m very lucky that my grandfather is still alive and in good health. He’s 97 years old and he’s still as sharp as a tack. We get along really well and it’s been great to spend some alone time with him. A Frenchman through and through , he has a real passion for good food and wine and frankly he could still drink any of us under the table! In fact he attributes his longevity to his daily glass of Bordeaux wine!

♥ Shopping
I know I shouldn’t but it’s so hard to resist shopping in France! Especially when it comes to lingerie…oh la la!

♥ Road trips and girly weekends
I’m still very close to my high school friends from France (I lived in France for a year when I was 16 in between traveling with my parents) and we’ve always kept in touch. We are almost like sisters now and we always try to go away together whenever I come to France. This time we spent a magical weekend in Provence where we visited castles, medieval villages and local vineyards. Of course we also drank and ate the whole time. I particularly loved a verrine (individual pots) and wine tasting lunch we did in Gigondas at the ‘Caveau des Gourmets’ . We were some served some pretty original and delicious combinations (Gorgonzola panacotta, chesnut soup, fig semi-fredo…to name a few) as well as a few too many gorgeous wines.

♥ Sunny weather
Except for a day here and there I’ve been blessed with a perfect Indian summer since I’ve arrived in France. Thank you weather gods, keep it coming please -)

♥ Visiting The Abbey of Tamié with my best friend Aude
I’m not a religious person but I have a deep respect for people who ‘believe’. My friend Aude (who is possibly the kindest person on earth) is very invested in her local church and has a beautiful spiritual and progressive approach to religion which I really appreciate. Last weekend, she took me to the abbey of Tamié in the French Alps where she goes for a retreat at the end of every year. It is a beautiful and serene monastery hidden in the mountains, away from everyone. We attended mass together which was mainly made of psalms sung by the priests. It was held in an 11th century old chapel and was solely lit with candles which only added to the unique atmosphere. It almost made me want to be religious. Almost.

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  • Ok, so I’ve never read The Alchemist. I’ve been told a number of times that I should. I read this and immediately downloaded the kindle version.

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