Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide
Father’s Day is just around the corner in our part of the world so I thought I’d compile a little gift guide for us last-minute kinda gals.

Dads tend to get the crappy end of the stick when it comes to gifts. Maybe it’s because shopping for men is not as fun for us as shopping for our girlfriends (way less opportunities to buy things for ourselves), or maybe it’s because men don’t excitedly jump up and down the way we’d like them to when they receive the fruit of our hard shopping labor…Whatever the reason, come Father’s Day most dads will be lucky to get a pair of socks, a coffee mug with your face on it, or a tie that they’ll never wear (except at family dinners – so that you think they love it).

Obviously gifts aren’t everything and yes, your dad will still love you just as much if you only give him a card on September 1st. But if you feel like spoiling him a little this year or are keen to get a few early Christmas gifts ideas then how about checking out these fun alternatives:

1- A remote control helicopter. The perfect (and potentially cheapest) big boy’s toy.

2- Mad Men Season 1-5 because let’s face it, every man secretly wants to be Don Draper

3- A Working Man’s Hygiene Kit. Dads deserve a bit of pampering too.

4- A Tool Kit. Even if he never uses it, this carry case would look good in any tool shed or man cave.

5- A ticket to his favorite sports event. Get an extra one for his friend and you might be off the hook for Christmas presents!

6- Chanel ‘Bleu’ Cologne .I’m yet to meet a man who doesn’t like this cologne. Or a woman for that matter.

7- Sipping stones to keep his whiskey nice and cold (+ they look uber cool).

8- Beer Can Chicken roaster because yum!

9- Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers so that he can take his music anywhere he wants, including in the pool (these bad boys float!)


  • Cool gift ideas – just bought the old man tickets to The National in Feb (well actually, he just bought me and him tickets since I don’t earn any money) But I’m really happy for us both!

    • Awesome! I love giving tickets as gifts because it often creates great memories as well – it’s the gift that keeps on giving! lol

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