Easy Feasts: A Fabulous French Menu To Celebrate Bastille Day

Bastille Day Menu Idea (1)

This post is part of my ‘Easy Feasts‘ series where I share fun and easy menu ideas for busy-yet-fabulous hosts. If you’re a blogger and would like to have one of your recipes featured then please drop me a line!

I just came back from a holiday in France and, while I’m really happy to be home with my Honey and doggy, I must admit I’m already missing French food like crazy. Thankfully, Bastille Day is tomorrow which gives me the perfect excuse to devise a menu filled with French specialties.

As the 14th of July falls on a Thursday this year I made sure to select only quick and easy recipes for my menu so if you feel like partaking in a bit of frenchie fun then you could easily make this happen at home too!

Bon appetit!




Also known as ‘cheese puffs’ or ‘melt-in-your-mouth cheesy goodness’. Those babies + a glass of chilled Lillet Blanc (or Champagne) are all you need for cocktail hour.

Get the recipe here.


Warm Goat Cheese Salad

warm goats cheese salad by dels cooking twist

This is one of my favorite salads to order at French restaurants but thankfully it’s super easy to reproduce at home.

Get the recipe at Del’s Cooking Twist.


Steak Frites


This bistro classic never fails to hit the spot. I love the lemon herb butter in this recipe but if you’re looking for an even more traditional take on this dish then you could easily opt for bearnaise or pepper sauce instead!

Get the recipe at Billy Parisi.




This is possibly the easiest dessert recipe ever. All you need is a roll of frozen puff pastry and a little cinamon sugar (ok, a lot of sugar) and bam – you’ve got yourself a delicious dessert! For something different but equally scrumptious, simply replace the cinamon sugar with chocolate chips and a dusting of caster sugar. Or even Nutella!

Get the recipe here.

Happy Bastille Day!