Games Night (YOPC #8)

I threw a themed party every month last year and today I’m sharing the details of my ‘Games Night’. You can read more about my ‘year of parties’ challenge here.

Whilst I love planning and hosting big themed parties, there’s also something incredibly nice about hosting a small casual get-together. For example, the ‘games night’ I’m about to share with you didn’t involve any fancy meal or a big crowd of people and yet, it’s still a night I remember very fondly. Sure, I did a bit of decorating to up the ante a bit (pun intended) but that’s only because I can’t help myself and wanted to. If anything, this ‘Games Night’ only re-affirmed to me that all you need for a successful event are: good company, simple food, and drinks!

Here are the deets from our fun ‘Games Night’:


Games Night are meant to be casual so I didn’t want to go crazy with decorations. I did however need to set up a food and drinks area so that my guests could help themselves to snacks and refreshments throughout the evening (saving me work in the processs). I could have simply set the bar and food area without any decorations but because I’m a party freak with no self-control, I still decided to throw in a couple of themed details – just for ‘fun’.

The first thing I did was to make simple wine charms out of playing cards. In my defense, this hardly counts as crafting since all I did was punch a hole into each card and cut a slant on its corner so it could fit onto the stem of a wine glass. I used the rest of the playing cards I had from the same pack to decorate the table.

The other themed element I added were these dominoes-inspired brownies. They were far from perfect looking (whoever said working with icing was easy was crazy) but they did add a cute touch to the whole set up.

Finally I used fairy lights and candles to light up the table and create a bit of ‘ambiance’.


Apart from the brownies above, I didn’t make anything from scratch and went for super easy party food instead.

Here’s what was on offer:

  • a cheese and charcuterie platter (’cause this French girl can’t throw a party without cheese)
  • sweet and salty popcorn
  • wasabi peas, crackers, and honey roasted peanuts
  • brownies
  • 3 pizzas (which we ordered in)

At first, I worried it might have been too much food for six people but we ended up grazing throughout the evening and pretty much finished it all.


We played traditional card games to start with and then moved on to ‘Heads Up’. This is phone app Mark and I like to use when we’re away on holiday and it was even more fun playing it with a group.

After a few drinks, we played ‘Cards Against Humanity’ which is – as you probably know – a fun but very non PG game.

If you’ve never played it before then I’d suggest researching it before you play it to make sure that it fits your kind of humour. I’d also make sure that your friends/family don’t offend easily before bringing it out at a party. We love it but I totally get that it’s not for everyone!

All and all, it was a super fun evening! Next I’ll be sharing the details of a party I hosted for my family in France back in September. Stay tuned x

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